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Have you ever asked or heard questions such as: "Why didn't I see that?," "How did you see that?," What am I missing?," "What story needs to be told?," What's holding our success back?”, "How do we fix it?." Are you interested in improving your personal awareness, the awareness of your clients, and/or organizations to solve tough challenges? Read on!

In this fun, low-stress group, we will explore how:

• our brains facilitate and disrupt our ability to be optimally aware,
• existing and new frameworks impact "seeing," and
• a photographer's mindset can result in new awareness and skills that can be applied immediately to professional and personal challenges.

For starters, our format will be:

• Knowledge sharing by a professional ICF Development Coach, avid photographer, and former national security executive, leveraging neuroscience, leadership, photography, and coaching skills.

• Practice using a new framework and our cameras on the street,

• Sharing of experiences, lessons learned, and photographs by participants.

We will co-create future formats to serve individuals in our group, known as "Purposeful Wanderers," to ensure that everyone is getting something of value that they can use.

I feel that it is never about the destination; it is always about the journey. I look forward to meeting you, and sharing unique and fun learning experiences. Ed

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First Meeting - Seeing New Possibilities Through a Lens - Literally!

Our community group will meet for the first time, with an agenda including short introductions, expectations for the future, and a little knowledge transfer exploring what gets in the way of seeing, and a simple framework for making a photograph (not a picture). We will apply the framework making photographs in the area and invite the sharing of our photos and experiences. It should be fun and educational at the same time. We will gather at the Loudoun County Rust Library, Rust Room. Space is limited to 12 participants so please RSVP in advance, and cancel if something comes up to allow others the chance to participate. We can look for bigger space if interest exists. In the mean time, you might be interested in this short video to get you thinking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZcmbdZ3u0I Be well. Ed.

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