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Spirituality and awakening got your pre high vibe tribe resonating away from you? You're a spiritual guy/gal who doesn't enjoy the bar scene and would much prefer to talk about your latest consciousness shift? Yeah, me too. How do we find our tribe AFTER a dark night of the Soul?! Well, look no further! I created this group to provide a forum for other spiritual Souls to connect and meet without the pressure of pick-up lines and everyone commenting about the fact that you no longer eat meat but gave up alcohol too. Ok, maybe a glass of wine and grass fed open range beef the third Friday of every month. I joke! But seriously, I just want a place for us to be able to talk about our weird metaphysical encounters, enjoy some good company and some loosely planned talks, game nights, new restaurant adventures, etc. with those on a path to higher planes of consciousness. I'm putting out the vibe to find my tribe. Won't you come along fellow Soul traveler?

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Early Dinner at Legacy Food Hall

Legacy Food Hall

"Spiritual" Bowling


KatsUk Live

Shipping And Receiving Bar

Bob Dylan's Trouble No More

Angelika Film Center & Café - Plano

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