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Seeking the Journey Within is a group created for people who are seeking and is already exploring for answers that the Universe can offer. People who are seeking to ascend as well as to visit sacred site to receive blessings, activation and light codes.

How do I use my innate abilities? Am I a clairvoyant or empath? What level of Empath am I? How do I communicate and transmit information from the guides? What is Light Language? How to I clear myself? What is my soul purpose and purpose here on Earth? What is happening now we are in 5D?

This group is started to reach out to people who are seeking answers and to allow them a safe space to share their experience. It is also a platform for those who needed to practice and guided to build up confidence in their abilities. There will be three kinds of levels, Earth, Spirit and Galactic. This is to allow the participants a better understanding of the topic of the workshop.

Earth Level - This is for everyone, people who are curious on the ascension or esoteric path that is very new to energy and is seeking for answers. Topics like Psychic Abilities, how to use my gifts, psychic attack, what is Light work, Vegan food, Can sound heal? Are Angels Real?

Spirit - People who have work with energy before or have a knowledge what is energy. Topics like Channeling, receiving messages, healing with energy, reading auras, identifying bad energies, psychometry, difference between third eye and Inner eye

Galactic - People who had been practicing with energy for a while and has a certain level of knowledge but is open to receiving and sharing. Topics like Law of the Universe, Ascended Master, Karmic Board, Atlantis, Metaphysics to understand how things works in energetic terms. How the Universe is orchestra.

Introductory Talk & Sharing (free or by donation),workshops, practices and events which will be hosted by various people (both local and international) who feel that they will be able to contribute in a holistic approach. There will also be Sacred and Spiritual Trips and stay-cation host for this group.

Interested to be a speaker or share within the group? Contact Aesteria at theconsciouswithin@gmail.com. Pls include a profile and topic, also note that topics must be align to the group interest to maintain the highest viberation.

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