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Seeking the Muse

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What are we doing?

Where is that Muse, anyway? What do you do to find your Muse?
We'll have a discussion during the first part of group followed by a prompt.

I usually provide a prompt or idea and the group has time to work on whatever it is that they decide to do. As always, if you do not want to write or create on the topics provided then you can use the free time to "do your own thing". Think of the prompts as optional. You are welcome to just use the time and space for your own creative endeavors. This might be the perfect time for you to commit to spending time on an Open Studio/ Independent Study. If you want to share during the feedback portion of the group then you are encouraged to do so. If you do not wish to share, then you do not have to. We're all coming together to enjoy this time. So just kick back, relax, and have fun.

What to Bring
Please remember to bring a notebook and a pen/pencil (or laptop).
A sense of humor and desire for fun are also a plus.

Where will we be meeting?
We will be meeting up in a coffee shop, Foam Cafe, in Merchantville, NJ.
The shop has offered to be our first sponsor! Many thanks to Rino and Michelle!

Foam Cafe
13 North Centre St.
Merchantville, NJ 08109
856-426-3626 (856-426-foam)

The building is white. The entrance to the cafe is on the side of the building. Go under the canopy and walk down the driveway area with the tables. The door is towards the back on your left. The buildings here look a little like Victorian style buildings with shop fronts on the lower floor.

If you are coming down Centre St. from the direction of Cherry Hill/Chapel Ave. the building will be on your right hand side. You will pass the elementary school on your left, cross Maple Ave./Main St. (1st traffic light), police station on your left and shops on your right (Sal's Pizza is one), go through 2nd traffic light, they are one right after the other. You will pass shops on your right, The Blue Monkey Tavern on your left, a white gazebo on your left. On your right there will be Victorian style houses that have shop fronts on the lower floors. (Earth Tones Jewelry, Antique store, ART, are all next to Foam) Foam Cafe will be on your right, there is an overhang over the driveway with a Foam Cafe banner, the front window has Ikea palm leaf things and coffee bean sacks in the window, the driveway has tables (outdoor smoking section). There is a big purple house one house over from Foam Cafe. If you pass a church on your right and then you hit the residential district, then you've gone too far. This is a small town shop district, so there aren't a lot of parking lots. Park on the street or on nearby side streets.

Coming from the other direction, Rt. 130/ Pennsauken, I don't normally come from that way. You would go down Centre St. and the building would be on your left before you hit Main St./Maple Ave and the small shopping district. You'll pass through the residential area, there will be a church on your left hand side. You will see Victorian style houses with shop fronts on your left. There will be a big purple house on your left. You should park. Foam Cafe is next too/ one building over from the purple house. Look at above description for what the shop looks like. The shop phone number is provided above, just in case you lose your way.

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