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Conscious Communication - Own Your Voice
Do you have someone in your life who challenges you to speak up for yourself? Have you found yourself in situations where you have said "Yes" when your head is screaming inside "Noooooo!" Are you someone who tries to tell your side but "blows up" and regrets it afterwards? It may be a partner, co-worker, friend or family member who stirs up frustration, anger, resentment and exhaustion in you. Whether we realize it or not, the words we use control our lives. Even when we remain silent, we are making a conscious choice. We have gathered together the tools to take positive control of these conversations and understand your own communication style. You can learn the steps to come back to your sense of inner peace by discovering how to communicate for maximum emotional and spiritual well-being. JOIN LIFE COACH LEADERS Sharon Wilson, Sheryl Goodwin-Magiera & Karen Cowperthwaite for an evening of discovery, inspiration and fun. It starts with YOU! * Navigate relationship dynamics with greater understanding, forgiveness and self-acceptance * Understand the role you play in challenging situation and people * Discover your natural communication style and how each person's style affects your relationships Please REGISTER! Space is limited! Early Bird Registration DISCOUNT! Receive a $5 discount until July 4th at 11:59 pm! Gather your significant other, friend or family member and take POSITIVE CONTROL of your conversations!

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What we're about

All of us are born with a natural intuitive ability to sense when something is right for us and when something is not in our best interest. But somewhere in our life, we lose the belief that we can trust ourselves. So how do we tap back into that gift of intuition?

Are you someone who:
- is living a stressful, busy life and longs to feel more connected?
- has that nagging feeling there is more to life than the current way you are living?
- would like to tap into your own intuitive abilities and expand your sense of self?
- is unsure where to start?
- wants to receive guidance & wisdom and trust yourself?
- longs for a sense of community to feel connected and safe?
- wants to learn tools to reduce overwhelm, shift those feelings to increase inner peace?
- would like to know yourself better in order to gain self-acceptance?
- would like to learn the most useful ways that we can trust the information we receive?

Please join this sisterhood of support, sharing, and inspiration to grow and re-discover the parts of us that we thought we lost.

Blessings to you,

Karen Cowperthwaite

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