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Sekhmet Ritual Meditation Group is a sex positive, spiritual group for those who have come together to connect to vital empowerment for their everyday lives. Please know it is a come as you are gathering and wear any clothes you feel comfortable in.

I will be posting updates and information about the meditation here for upcoming rituals being held in Oakland and at public events. Space is limited, and reservations are required.

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Sekhmet Ritual Meditation: Life Force Energy

Queen Hippie Gypsy

The Sekhmet Ritual Meditation is an original sex magic ritual based on an ancient Kundalini practice, in which participants connect with Sekhmet to channel and enliven their own energy systems. It is a ritual to connect your sex, or life force energy with Spirit. This embodied, guided mediation focuses on moving energy from Her Lands; through Her 5 symbols: Power, Life Force Energy, the Kundalini Channel, the Third Eye and the 7th Chakra as it is anchored within the body; and can be practiced solo or with a partner, in order to channel and share energy for a more full, and vital life. This is Part 1 of three part guided meditation series exploring her symbols and how to use them in your daily life to achieve your goals and desires. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences after the ritual to gain and share insight into moving forward with more vital energy for life. Each ritual class stands alone providing ritual participation and conversation. Subsequent sessions take a deeper dive into a particular symbol, learning its meaning, and practicing its use to address our every day challenges.Individuals can attend all sessions, or pick the appropriate session for their current desires and needs. To engage with this ritual, you are not required to believe in any deities or Sekhmet (in fact you can be atheist!), we are simply, consciously moving energy to and through us for the benefit of our body, mind and spirit. Past participants have had positive results from this practice, and each person's experience is unique to them. However, you've been warned - activating the kundalini channel creates pleasurable sensations, so be prepared to have a potentially orgasmic experience! Come and join this joyful event of learning, deepening, and pleasurable fun with others. Learn to accept and move a level of energy you may, or may not have felt before, enlivening and moving through you in its own unique way. * Part 1: Her Lands : Sunday, March 17 * Part 2: Power : Sunday, April 14 * Part 3: Life Force Energy: Sunday, April 28 In Part 3 we explore how our life force shows up for us as individuals. Learn how and when to summon and channel more of your own energy in a balanced and healthy manner, to leave you in a state of invigoration and joy. Please purchase your tickets at the link below: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sekhmet-ritual-meditation-life-force-energy-tickets-57675001482 About the Facilitator: Ali Montgomery MA is practicing priestess of Sekhmet for 20+ years. Discover more about her work and practice at www.soulliberationservices.com.

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Sekhmet Ritual Meditation: Power

Queen Hippie Gypsy

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