Sound & Stone


Sound & Stone
$50/pp: Apple Pay

In this experimental 2 person session, each participant will lay surrounded by a specific crystal grid which energetically supports elemental healing while the body attunes, balances and heals with the deep resonant frequencies of the Sacred Tibetan Bowls.

This combination has the capability to create extreme deep healing on all 5 levels and to set the stage for our mind, body, emotions and soul to clear and cleanse blocks that are stuck and embedded deep within the crystalline grid structure and lattice of the internal bodies own grid.

The cost is $50/pp - Prepayment through Apple Pay is appreciated to reserve.

Please bring a yoga mat, pillow/blanket, eye mask and back bolster. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing.
A journal/pen is recommended to record experiences directly afterward.

Please arrive no later than 5 mins prior to set yourself up and settle in.

It is greatly appreciated that the “ No Talking/Silence rule is embraced when the session room is entered, as this is the moment in our day to tune into ourselves, the messages of the Universe and the subtle energies of the stones and frequencies surrounding us.

Grids will be placed at the published starting time.

For more information, to reserve and for prepayment instructions-

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