What we're about

Welcome to Self-Awareness and Purpose! We’ve created this space for people who want to learn more about mindfulness, self-awareness, and purpose. During this Meetups we’ll be discovering tools that will helps us feel more fulfilled in our lives. There is knowledge in all of us, and within this space we’ll be sharing ideas, engaging in workshops, and learning from each other.

About the facilitator:

My name is Raul, I’m passionate about harnessing mindfulness and self-awareness to become the best expression of myself. Even though I have mentors in holistic psychology, and I have pushed myself to study it on my own, I am far from being an expert. I do know, however, that we all carry knowledge within us, and I have created this space for people to tap into that knowledge.

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Self-awareness and the door to our Archetypes

General Assembly San Francisco

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