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Learn to protect yourself and loved ones and survive terrorist attacks.

Your group leader is a certified anti-terrorism specialist (CAS) with experience being assigned to a Department of Homeland Security Task Force as well as having 29 years of experience in the security and law enforcement fields.

Dr. John M. Landry, Ph.D. (State Law Enforcement Retired) is a combatives and self defense expert trained and certified in many systems of self-protection. He is also a firearms and weapons instructor.

Anyone who wishes to learn a real self defense system from a certified instructor who teaches a curriculum that is known worldwide. This self defense system is modular in the way it is taught and can be adapted to the needs of individuals. Physical limitations can be accommodated and the variety of methods taught allows for a customizable training experience.

Real world situations are addressed and responses to save your life are taught. Come train with us and learn how to not be a victim!

See https://www.myselfdefensetraining.com/ to learn about the curriculum that will be taught at the MeetUp.

Here is my video: https://youtu.be/pkV1hG1ZIsY


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