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First Class Beginning in October
Our first class will be starting in October 2015. Date, location and topic to follow over the coming days.

Needs a location

    What we're about

    I’d like to thank you for taking the time to stop by and look at this page.

    This meetup is for anyone serious about placing their spiritual / personal / professional /other development as one of the priorities in their life. The classes and material are designed to cover some of the following areas of growth:-

    • Self esteem

    • Career advancement / Change of career

    • Personal and professional goals

    • Work / Life Harmony

    • Clearer and stronger boundaries

    This class is for those starting out on a personal and spiritual development path as much as it for those that have tried other forms of development and found nothing really stuck, other than your patterns and excuses. If you’ve tried drumming circles, gong baths, rhythmic dance expressions and other “spiritual” practises as a way to uncover you’re deeper knowing, then welcome I hope this class assists you in your journey. If you’ve used NLP, positive thinking, motivational pump ups etc and found that nothing quite clicked, or something was missing then these classes are for you.

    In this meet up, you are encouraged to go deeper within yourself than you may have been so far, and only as far as you are comfortable going. All classes are created from a judgement free space where you can explore safely those blocks that may have been holding you back from reaching your potential. You’re encouraged to turn up with zero (or as little as you can manage) expectation and what you think you may or may not know, and to explore from a place of honesty.

    We are all born with an innate knowledge, that over the years, through events, we either forget or bury under levels of experience in order to cope. This class is about accessing and connecting with the knowledge that is already there within you, you’ve just forgotten it’s there, buried below thoughts, feelings and self-imposed limitations. If you can feel it, you can heal it.

    If this grounded way resonates with you or just has you intrigued then come along, I look forward to seeing you and welcoming you to a class and taking this journey with you.

    Lots of love


    P.S If the only thing putting you off the class is the cost, please contact me via the message link above. Whilst I value my time and services on offer, many of us (me included) have had to juggle finances at certain times and circumstances. If that is the only thing stopping you from attending class we may be able to arrange something.

    A note on class and meetup page etiquette.

    The class is built around a judgement free space and honouring and respecting all participants’ unique journey and expression. Anyone who repeatedly does not respect this or is disrespectful and disruptive to other class participants maybe asked not to return to future classes.

    If you feel the need to offer advice, defend a point of view, or belittle another class participants experience this is an opportunity to look within yourself and explore what it brings up for you, before making it about someone else in the room.

    This is a group about self-discovery and self-mastery. There are plenty of hook up sites on meetup, anyone using this page to either spam members or “pull” attendees will be asked to leave/not return and removed from the group (it happens more than you may imagine)

    Anything shared during the class is confidential and this is to be respected at all times, both inside and outside of the meetup.

    This page isn’t about marketing your services or publicising your already released/upcoming book, course. Anyone doing so without prior permission will be removed from the group and future events.

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