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“A Sangha is a community of friends practicing the dharma together in order to bring about and to maintain awareness. The essence of a sangha is awareness, understanding, acceptance, harmony, and love.” THICH NHAT HANH

The highest dharma is to know the Self and become established in it.

Then to know our unique gifts and take them to the world as our calling to help humanity.

We do this by following the space of good feeling, with wisdom and love.

We merge with the Self-using meditation, Self-Inquiry and following the practices of the devotion. We awaken through grace, divine energy.

The journey is to keep this energy growing and working and it can only do that with a well disciplined mind and loving heart. This is why we do the practices we do i.e. meditation, self-inquiry, puja etc. Always remember to work towards the Self, feel the bliss then hold it. That’s all spirituality is. If negative emotions arise, see them for what they are and return to truth, the Self.

This is part of my reason for being, to create a spiritual network, a community that will grow and help our own communities and come up with ways to help with being, of creating an enlightened society. My preferred way is to have a society of self-aware, conscious enlightened self-motivated entrepreneurs.

Please keep in touch and make the most of the Sangha, which has totally been created to help stay the path. When we work together with love as a collective consciousness, then there’s nothing we can’t achieve.

If you love to do something fun and different, hang out with like-minded people, visit wonderful places related to spirituality, wisdom, love then please come along. As my background is in a yoga philosophy, which I studied in an ashram for 20 years, then the flavor will be from this Indian eastern wisdom tradition.

Please come and join our Facebook group Enlightenment for Entrepreneurs! https://www.facebook.com/groups/241533499639751/

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We’re On! First Satsang for 2019

Frankston South

Hey there! It's time and I'm oh so happy. We're freshly back from the best ever trip to India and so eager to share all the goodness from there with you. In India, I ran a retreat for 10 days with my BFF for our venture together called Divine Immersion Retreats. Every day was spent living simple village life and participating in the devotional practices there, it’s a kind of life one doesn’t want to leave in a hurry. We also ran morning meditations and yoga and evening self-inquiry sessions and Satsangs. We certainly gave our values worth! You are invited to come and join us for our first Satsang for the year where we will bring all the shakti and grace from our Ganehspuri, India trip :-) If this is your first time, you are particularly welcome! As always there will be chanting, chatting, meditation and chai. This program is for those of you who are serious about spirituality and ready to go deeper. Spiritual community is everything on the journey, and nothing is more helpful or essential as a good Satsang. In fact, it is all you need to keep filling your cup and keeping you on the path with your own sadhana or spiritual practice. At the Self-Knowledge Sangha, we keep everything focused on all areas of spirituality, the mind, the heart and your being. It is a whole and complete yoga. This is extremely important and very rare. Come and find out for yourself! See you on Friday the 22nd of February at 7pm. To be held at SKS headquarters in Frankston South, address sent to those who RSVP on the day. The program is by donation. Make sure to RSVP ;-) Om Shanti, Lakshmi Amma

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Christmas Puja & Party

Frankston South


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