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INTRODUCTION This meetup group was created to allow anyone who's interested in REAL WORLD self defense and personal protection concepts to come and see what our training is all about with no strings attached! ABOUT US The material presented is relevant to the issues we face in Today’s world not those of Ancient times. Our methods use practical, no nonsense mechanics that were specifically designed to allow the novice to obtain a measure of ability in a small amount of time. "What you learn today in class.....has to work tonight in the parking lot"

Personal Protection - WWII style Combatives - Dealing with verbal aggression - Counter grappling - Ballistic manipulation - Improvised weapons - Knife and gun defense/offense - Escrima (baton) - The psychology of violence - Much, much more.... OTHER DETAILS - No experience is necessary - Events are 1hr in duration and open to both men and women, 18+ years in age - Wear T-shit, jeans and some shoes you can move in - HERE IS YOUR CHANCE If you've always had an interest in self-defense/martial arts training, but didn't want to commit to extended instruction and contracts, here is your chance. This is also a great opportunity for those of you who are in the martial arts to get some weapons training in. If your art does not teach weapons or the academy you are at does not offer this information then we can also be an outlet for you in this regard. WEBSITE For more information about us visit: www.ACWACombatives.com We hope to see you soon!

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