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How to tons of people to review your book and get featured in press

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What’s the worst thing that can happen when you’re promoting your book?

Imagine this’re at a networking event or a dinner and tell someone you’re a writer and have published a book. They get really excited and look up your book on Amazon. There’s a good chance they might consider buying your book...BUT... when they click on your page you HAVE ZERO REVIEWS.

How embarrassing. No one wants to buy a book that has ZERO reviews from an author they haven’t heard of.

So, don’t be that author. Don’t get caught with ZERO reviews.

In our next LIVESTREAM WEBINAR, TUESDAY APRIL 10TH, ( I’ll be showing you EXACTLY how to reach out to potential reviewers and get press for your book before launch.

You’ll learn how to craft the perfect pitch email, find Amazon Top Reviewers, bloggers, and reviewers. Not only will you have a successful book launch, you’ll maximize your book's visibility on all the retailers (Amazon, BN, KOBO, iBOOKS, etc).


What you’ll learn:

1) Where to find book reviewers

2) How to reach out to book reviewers

3) How to send your ebook and print book to reviewers

4) How to identify press for your book and extract their contact info

5) How to pitch a story to press

6) How to find a potential reviewer's contact info and extract their email

7) How to get featured by bloggers and media

8) Proven strategies that have worked on specific books

9) How to leverage tools to find competitive keywords

Next time someone asks you about your book, don’t get caught with ZERO reviews.

Online Webinar
Your Computer · New York, NY
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