What we're about

This group has nothing to do with taking pictures of ourselves with our phones, or social media of any kind :)

Instead, it's a group for those who are on a journey to understand and embrace the Self (with a capital "S")....becoming Self-actualized, i.e. becoming more and more "Yourself" (with a capital "Y") everyday.

Consciousness, open-mindedness, spirituality, metaphysical topics of all kinds, meditation, yoga, entrepreneurship, self-development...these are a few of our favorite things!

Self-actualized people are those who accept reality for what it is. They love themselves, flaws and all. They embrace the unknown and the ambiguous. They are enamored with the mysteries of life, and allow themselves to be s wanderer on a journey, while having the intention of constantly evolving, as a person.

In this group, we will plan outings of all kinds: nature outings, dinners, discussions of topics of interest at coffee shops, going to movies, etc., with the goal of meeting up with like-minded people who are on the same journey of self-actualization.

The basis for the group is Abraham Maslow's "Heirarchy of Needs" theory.

This isn't designed to be a hook-up group, place to look for a significant other, or a place to judge others or be close-minded. Thanks, yall!

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