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Founders, small business owners, -anybody running their own business should ideally start thinking about what it takes to sell it FAR in advance of when that time comes to move on to the next chapter. This is a group to discuss strategies to help make your business sellable in the eyes of investors and acquirers, who your target buyers might be and what the market is actually paying for business like yours in today's market. We'll start each meetup with a market update and helpful tips for building your business in a way that ensures it's most likely to sell for an optimal exit price when/if that time comes.

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What it takes to sell your startup, and how to find potential buyers.

Entrepreneurs who have sold their businesses here in Boston will be sharing their perspectives on the process, what it took for them to get their company to the point of sale, and how they found the right buyer. We'll also cover valuation and negotiation tips.

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