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Google Adwords | Lets learn the fundamentals using gamestorming

++ + Demisyting the Google Adwords Machineary ++ Lets use principles of gaming, by forming team. The objective/Goal is design a prefect landing page, with selection of keywords, bid on keywords. Points will be given to each and then evaluate who gets the best. Like a real simulation of efforts. You will be given points / money in the start. - How using Google Adwords your can identify the depth of your market - - How google uses the Bid System to suck money, Lets crack open it - Types of Ads - Search, Display, Mobile - How google uses cookies to target customers and visited customers - Which is a GoodPosition to have your ads Google Adwords Latest Marketing Inventions Google Adwords new killer features - Beautiful Remarketing - Dynamic Display Ads - Display Campaign Optimizer - Above the fold advertising Some tech fundamentals Difference in AdCampaign, Adgroup, and Ads - How to do A/B testing - Will you impressions or clicks, which is good for you ? - What to measure ? http://youtu.be/zStNy_PImyQ - Allocation of Funds - Some case studies

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Business Models of the upcoming age
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In the recent years Business models has undergone constant innovation, in a way a small revolution by itself. Lets rewind to see how business models evolved & how business models are evolving. The usual - a presentation on the details, and then a team game to where the team will select a business model and explain ( Gamestorming ) Details to be covered 1: Business model comes in different forms 2: Finding the most attractive markets 3: Looking for signs that your business model is weaking 4: Comparing business model to business plan 5: Discovering Problems with traditional methods Well, there is many more, but lets do in parts so that we can have good fun and bit in chunks ! Lets Roll ! BR, Ram[masked] More details will be put on http:facebook.com/secondskills

Social Media Dashboard & Social media data for Business Intelligence

Data, data and then there are humans With social media going mainstream there is now the issue of data overload. You can either get overwhelmed with the data or or use it decisively. Smart marketers know how to put social media data to use and benefit. Lets explore and build various social media dashboard - helping streamline your approach to social media data. Also, lets find out how social media can be used for business intelligence. This is the brief agenda. If you'd like to add anything specific, please drop a comment here http://facebook.com/secondskills Cheers /Ram[masked] P.S: Though it is free, we would like to limit the number to benefit attention. ** SecondSkill - motto is to learn from peers & stumble upon a new skills every weekend **

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