• Investing, Finance & Beers 🍻 - Selma Community Meetup

    Join us for an after-work beer at Auer & Co in Zurich. Let's chat about finance, investing and get a sneak peek behind the scenes of Selma - your financial assistant that helps you get started with investing. The program: 17:30 - Meet and get to know each other 18:00 - A welcome and intro from Patrik & Kevin - two of the founders of Selma Finance. Get a sneak peek behind the scenes, learn how investing with Selma works and, find out what's coming next. 18.30 - Enjoy drinks together, ask questions, give feedback and get to know other like-minded people. Would you like to learn about investing or managing your finances? This is the event for you. The evening is catered to beginners, but also active investors and finance aficionados. Enjoy the relaxed bar atmosphere and learn from each other! You are a Selma client and know the service already very well? Wonderful, please come by! Let's meet in real life and have a chat about your experiences. Your hosts: Patrik Schär, Co-founder & CEO of Selma Finance As a banker with +10 years of experience in the Swiss financial and wealth management industry, Patrik decided to swap his suit for a hoodie and the life of an entrepreneur to make managing finances less complex, but enjoyable for everyone. Kevin Linser, Co-founder & Head of Marketing Masterminding growth plans & customer support at Selma Finance, Kevin knows how to communicate with new investors – he is constantly finding out new ways of how to allow more people to use Selma & get their finances into order.