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What we’re about

Join us in delving into the dynamic fusion of AI's subfields. Dive deep into the realm where Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs of linked data synergize with Machine Learning. We actively leverage W3C standards like OWL, RDF, and SPARQL, harnessing their potential for cutting-edge knowledge representation.

Venture beyond just AI and immerse yourself in discussions centered on building the trust layer of the Semantic Web stack. Discover how Distributed Ledgers, Cryptography, and Consensus Networks converge to form a resilient framework for governance and provenance.

Our meetups oscillate between casual conversations and enlightening presentations, creating a welcoming space for both experienced practitioners and those new to these transformative technologies.

Join our mission: envisioning a future where the capabilities of generative AI and large language models are enriched and contextualized by the depth of ontologies and knowledge graphs.