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Meet Up For all UAV/Drone Community Enthusiasts, Professionals, Business Startups, Corporations, Agencies and Researchers interested in learning from each other about the latest developments in UAV/Drones in Malaysia and around the region:

* UAV/Drone Technology & Industry News

* UAV/Drone Training Programmes

* Forthcoming UAV/Drone related Conferences, Exhibitions and Events

* Malaysian UAV/Drone Regulations

* Malaysian Drone Safety Guidelines/Fly Responsibly

* Multirotor UAV/Drone Operations & Orientation

* Fixed Wing UAV/Drone Operations & Orientation

* Aeronautical Information affecting UAVs/Drones

* Weather Factors

*Drone Compliance

*Drone Markets by Sectors

*Drone Design & Aerodynamics

*Applications and Benefits of Drones

*ROI in UAV/Drone Business

*Starting a UAV/Drone Business

*Risks in UAV/ Drone Operations

*Career in UAV/Drone Operations

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