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I really don't want to be the Organizer for this group. But I also don't like going to movies alone. So if others are interested perhaps we can share the burden. My thought is when one finds a movie they'd like to view, they can just post it on our RSVP. Then you will be the sponsor for that movie and manage the RSVPs to see who goes & meet them at the show. That's all, not any more effort than that. Not everyone likes the same type of movies. I like going to movies, mostly action flicks. But being a woman of a certain baby boomer age, most likely other people similar to me enjoy more profound movies & chick flicks. I also like comedies, but not the ones that show gross stupid behavior. Also the best time for me is late afternoon, early evening, but others are evening folks. So it would be great to find some like minded folks to go to the movies with near Charleston, North Charleston & West Ashley.

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