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Our meetup group can be both a seniors social club and a fitness club. We will explore various ways for seniors to stay fit and healthy via sports and recreational activities such as roller skating, bowling, horseback riding, dancing, swimming, walking tours, bike riding, Tai Chi, organic gardening, etc. We also might touch on ways to stay healthy via eating organic (non-GMO) food and using alternative methods of healing.

Roller skating (indoor/outdoor inline skating and/or quad skating), and various other types of recreational activities can be fun and a great way to stay fit no matter what age you are, but our meetups are especially for daring and energetic seniors (55+), although, younger people are welcome too.

Recently, I've decided to add bowling to the agenda because bowling is fun, and it can be a good exercise for people of almost any age plus there are a lot more bowling centers around than roller skating rinks, so bowling is a more accessible recreational activity than roller skating. Bowling is also more of a social activity than roller skating. Of course, there are bowling leagues that one can join, but bowling leagues charge a monthly or annual fee, so instead of joining a league we can have our own bowling meetup events.

We will probably have alternating weeks of different types of recreational and sports activities. The various events will probably be held once or twice a month.

So come all ye sports and recreation enthusiasts and join the club.

Let's make America skate again, and add bowling to that too!

Let the games begin!

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