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Would you like to celebrate the gifts of your sensitivity while stepping into your personal power?

Are you longing to connect meaningfully and genuinely with other sensitive women who want to experience joy and flow in their lives?

Would you like to create more balance, and grow personally and spiritually?

Traditional sensitivity groups talk a lot about feeling overwhelmed, and while this may be our response some of the time, it's not, by far, our whole truth!

We are creator beings and what we focus on expands!

Sensitivity is as much about being in tune, aware, and resilient because it takes great strength to come back to ourselves and our truth after being moved by all that we see, hear, intuit, feel, and touch.

Sensitivity can be defined as a mixture (or all) of these qualities:

* Feeling strongly responsive and concerned about other people's feelings/animals' feelings (or even feeling them).

* Feeling deeply and having your feelings hurt easily.

* Being intuitive, an Empath, and/or psychic.

* Experiencing awe and inspiration.

* Being detail-oriented.

* Having strong responses to the environment (e.g. loud sounds, bright lights, crowds can feel overwhelming).

* Feeling at one with the world.

* Longing to contribute something meaningful to the world, truly living your soul's purpose!

You might identify as an Empath, an Intuitive/psychic, an HSP, and/or someone who feels deeply. However you label yourself (or not), you are welcome, as long as you identify as sensitive.

When cared for, sensitivity has great gifts and helps us to tap into our inspiration, awe, intuition, love, and determination to create great change in the world. But, it can also create problems, if it's misunderstood, if we don't know tools and practices, or if we're out of balance with ourselves, and less able to connect with our vibrant spirits!

The purpose of this group is to increase personal power for ourselves and in relationships - the sensitive woman's way - using a variety of mind/body/spirit tools.

This group is for anyone who wants to open her heart, stand in her power, embrace her sensitivity and express her deepest truth while honoring and appreciating others, and bringing her gifts to the world.

This group will be a balance of practical and magical. :)

Sample Offerings include:

* Gatherings over meals or coffee/tea

* Mind/Body/Spirit Workshops

* Space, tips, and tools to share about how to thrive when the world is less sensitive

* Laughter and fun (since we sensitive people tend to take ourselves so seriously)

* Personal and Spiritual Growth

There will be a cost for most events to cover our time as organizers, facilitators, and presenters, and, to cover the monthly Meetup cost and the rental space.

These groups are intentionally in person because it's so easy as sensitive people to hide away, hibernate, or hold ourselves back in connection -- the very things which prevent us from owning and celebrating our sensitivity and sharing it with the world!

Let's create an intentional community where we can be truly ourselves: open, heartfelt, beautiful, appreciative, shining our light, and being empowered!

A note on RSVP's: If you sign up, please come. Things come up. Shyness comes up; we understand. You can always contact the organizer ahead of time, if you're feeling nervous. :) But, if you change your plans, please let the organizer know ASAP. This helps us with planning, and helps other women who might not otherwise get to go, to go.

Many blessings and gratitude, <3

~ April, Anya, and Grace

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