What we're about

To keep your heart open when it has been broken is the most courageous thing to do. You deserve a love deeper than the ocean ❤️

Hello my fellow sensitives, empaths and truth seekers, a warm welcome to this meet up group.

I felt inspired to start this group because being a sensitive, empath and truth seeker myself I have come to learn the importance of connecting with like minded people, people you feel you can be yourself with and people who get you. This is a huge part of healing for those who can feel a bit out of place in this at times harsh world we live in.

Connecting with your soul tribe helps you to trust others again, trust yourself and blossom into the beautiful sensitive loving soul you are.

My aim of this meet up is to create a family of like minded people, to create beautiful deep connections with each other <3

This group is for people who

- long to heal your heartache and feel at peace

- feel emotions deeply and the emotions of others

- you have a big heart and sometimes over give

- look for a deeper meaning & purpose of your life

- you can have issues with boundaries- saying no, speaking your truth

- you can be intuitive by nature and pick up things about people and situations

- you long for truth and to live a life true to yourself

- can feel over powered by ‘big personalities’

Did you know 15 % of people (as well as animals!) are born with a more sensitive nervous system.

Many sensitives are the people who are born to help others in some way; whether through art, music, healing. Some sensitives are Einstein and Winston Churchill!

“You go through spells where you feel that maybe you’re too sensitive for this world. I certainly felt that.” Winona Ryder

This group offers a safe non judgemental space to be yourself, to heal, discover your ultimate truth and live it <3 ( & of course have fun along the way :))

We will look at various topics such as

- how to manage emotions and heal them

- intuition development

- finding your unique soul gifts and purpose in this life

- how to use your sensitivity as a gift it was meant to be

- how to use the laws of the universe to create your dream life

- becoming a master of your mind

- creating healthy boundaries

- self love & confidence building
& much more

I also plan to arrange fun adventures & social meet ups

I look forward to connecting with you in person

With love

Sarah x


Dear Sarah thank you for such a profound workshop. Your delivery is so honest & I love that! You energise me to another level. You always create a comfortable place for everyone. After the healing workshop I was feeling on top of the world, your healings are powerful. You are kind, compassionate & knowledgable. I thank you from my heart for allowing a safe space for me to let go. Your a wonder ❤️. Julia

Sarah, you have such wisdom, kindness & generosity. Thank you! I can see the journey you’ve been on and it gives me strength & hope. Jane

Thank you for the fab workshop today. It was very special and I don’t say that lightly. Many synchronicities, beautiful contacts with people and a real desire to be part of a close like-minded tribe. Tony

I just wanted to thank you again for the workshop. I learnt so much as you speak from your heart and have a lot of knowledge and experience to share. You hosted in a kind and encouraging way that felt good and safe. Osnat

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