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Sensored #17: Sensored Art (and our 3-year birthday party!)

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The Sensored Meetup turns 3!

The world of sensors, connected devices, and hardware has certainly changed since our first meetup in Lemnos Labs' just-opened warehouse. Let's get together and celebrate!

We'll start with drinks and networking at 7pm. At 7:30 we'll have a short series of speakers talking about sensors and art, giving 5 minute technical talks about their work. And we'll be back on our home turf, at Lemnos Labs (

Tonight's stellar lineup:

• Alex Glowaski ( (@glowascii (, Pinoccio ( & Hackster ( -- DIY Brainimatronics

• Matthew Faulkner (@phageteslacoil ( -- Coup de Foudre (, a musical Tesla coil

• Mike Pesavento (@DrBrainlove ( -- Dr. Brainlove ( displaying neural activity on a 30 ft brain

• Dat Phan (@datphan ( and Jordan Gray (@starpause (, Codame ( -- Modbod3D ( DIY Scanning for Tech Art

• Romie Littrell (@TheTechMuseum (, The Tech Museum ( -- Bodymetrics ( an interactive exhibit at The Tech Museum

• Joe Warga (@planetlabs (, Planet Labs ( -- Polarimetry

• Forest Stearns (@foreststearns (, Planet Labs ( -- Art on satellites and radiodomes

• Paul Mans, Anticlockwise Arts ( -- Sensing Engagement and Rewarding Participation with Cameras, Projectors and Sound

This month's meetup is sponsored by F50 (, a private co-investment platform that identifies fundable startups and matches them with investors. F50 is also running a multi-platform hardware partners meetup on December 9, ( including the following groups: East Bay Hardware (, Sensored SF ( (us!), Silicon Valley Robotics (, SF Hardware Startup to Scale (, Wearable Wednesdays ( If you're interested in demoing there, they're taking applications:

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!


1155 Indiana St · San Francisco, CA
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