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The Virtue of Selfishness (VOS) - Chapters 5, 6, and 7
If you are interested in Ayn Rand (, come and learn. See how philosophy is a living, breathing guide to living your life right now. Visit ( During this meeting, our conversation will focus on: The Virtue of Selfishness (VOS). ( Chapter 5: Isn't Everyone Selfish? (pg 66-70) Chapter 6: The Psychology of Pleasure (pg 71-78) Chapter 7: Doesn't Life Require Compromise? (pg 79-81) If you are just joining us for VOS, I recommend reading chapter 1: The Objectivist Ethics. The You can read "The Objectivist Ethics" here without a book. ( I also recommend Tara Smith's free course on ARI Campus ( called, "Being Selfish, Being Happy" ( for a short introduction into our topic. VOS English ( VOS Korean ( The meeting will wrap-up around 5 pm. Feel free to leave early if you need to. :-) Kakao Map to Starbucks [카카오맵] 스타벅스 서초법원 서울 서초구 서초대로 274 (서초동) (

Starbucks 스타벅스

서초법원점 거리뷰항공뷰가격 이미지 서울특별시 서초구 서초대로 274 지번주소 서울특별시 서초구 서초동 1572-4 · Seoul

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    This group is for people who are Objectivists or are interested in Ayn Rand. I would like to meet periodically for discussions on Objectivist thought, books, etc. I started this group because I wanted to find and meet people who share similar values.

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