What we're about

This group helps photographers meet other photographers in the Seoul area of Korea. There is a huge range of experience in the group, and we want to help bridge that gap. A lot of people are eager to learn more about using their cameras so we are incorporating that into the meetups.

You don't need any special gear. All levels, all cameras, and all people are welcome. You just need to want to learn about photography and want to get out and experience Seoul with others.

Right now, the group meets twice a month. We have two kinds of meetups -- social meetups and technical meetups.

Social meetups are just to get out, see Seoul, shoot, and hang out with a cool group.

Technical meetups start with a short technical talk to teach people about their camera before we head off to shoot. At the technical meetings you'll have a chance to get a little help with your camera and photography while we're out.

A typical meetup will go something like this:
-We'll meet at 2:00.
-We'll meet each other while we wait just a few minutes for people to arrive.
-We'll get started at 2:10. At a social meetup, we'll head out and start shooting. At a technical meetup, we'll
have a short technical talk and Q&A before we get shooting.
-There is no official end to the meetups. We don't meet together at the end. Everyone is free to do what they want at these meetups. If someone wants to organize a group to go to another place to do more photography, get some food or drinks, it's up to someone in the group to organize.
-After the meetup, we'll edit and share our favorite shots of the day with each other on Flickr. This will give us the opportunity give and get feedback to each other and to share what's going on at the meetups.

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