PERU TRIP: Part 1 of 2 South America-Special Expedition (Level 3-Exploratory)

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Peru Trip: Part 1 of 2 South America-Special Expedition (Level 3-Exploratory)


Cesar, Doug PLUS TWO people went on this AMAZING TRIP on July 16, 2014 and we want to duplicate it by doing our OWN RESEARCH of course! Here is what they posted: "A Real Adventure to Peru and the second part is to Bolivia ( (Strictly Limited to maximum of five persons at any one time, some may choose to go for two weeks).

Schedule July 16 to Aug 18 (34 days) -- This trip to Peru is tentative from July 16 to August 1st.

We will be spending roughly the first half of our trip in Peru (July 16 to Aug. 2) and the second half in Bolivia (Aug 2 to Aug 18). We will meet at the La Paz Airport midway through the trip to accommodate people that want to go for two weeks. Please indicate your perfect travel dates when signing up for this trip. We will be flying into La Paz Airport in Bolivia, where we will spend a day or so relaxing and acclimating to the 12,000 foot elevation.


1. Had experienced traveling outside of U.S.A. using the "Lonely Planet" Book as the guide, especially on the Third-World Countries.
2. Must be a Moderate-Plus Hiker, and adventurous.
3. Must undergo interview with our event Hosts: Doug and Cesar.


1. Airfare: $850 - $900 LAX to La Paz Bolivia round trip.
2. Visas: Bolivia $160, Peru $30.
3. Sleeping: $5 to $25 per night double occupancy depending on the location.
4. Food: $10 per day average.
5. Other: About $40/day for transportation, guides, porters, rentals and permits.

GENERAL RATING/DIFFICULTY: Level 3 for hiking pace and EXPLORATORY - NOT BOOKING IN ADVANCE for tours or accommodation. Rooms can be Hostels or home stays. Click RATING TABLE ( to learn more about hike levels


1. La Paz Bolivia-Arrival (1 to 2 days).
2. Lake Titicaca (Copacabana or Puno maybe 2 to 3 days).
We’ll try spending one night in floating island with the locals.
3. Cuzco and Macho Pichu (maybe 5 to 6 days).
4. Maybe back to La Paz if necessary (1 to 2 days) Aug. 1 and Aug. 2.
5. Sorata – 3 to 4 days (wins many travelers votes as the most relaxing spot in Bolivia and the perfect base for trekking in the surrounding areas).
6. Climb Cordillera Real or Huayana Potosi mountains (6,000 meters + elev. or 20,000 feet) and trek the Inca Trails(El Choro, Takesi and Yunga Cruz Trails) 5 to 6 days.
7. San Ignacio de Moxos - 3 days is a friendly, tranquil Indigenous village( best time to be there July 30 to 31 for the town festival).
8. Parque National Madidi or any Bolivian Amazon (3 to 4 days).
9. Salar De Uyuni – Largest Salt Lake (2 to 3 days).
10 Back to La Paz Aug 15 will visit Tiahuanaco (once the center of the Incan Empire) near La Paz, one day
August 17 to 18 La Paz and be ready for departure.

This is not a definite itinerary, in time there will be changes in our schedule during our trip for practical reasons, except, maybe for the Arrival and Departure in La Paz. We will always be open to the locals and other travelers for their ideas and suggestions that we might find relevant on this adventure, especially since this trip does not have reservations and is not a group package tour. Everything, generally, will be decided together like the places to stay, to eat, what transportations to take, places to go, etc. Our main guide for this trip is the "Lonely Planet" Book of Peru and Bolivia. This is a low-budget journey, but it is more exciting. We will learn a lot, not only the sites we see, but the experience of the journey and also the culture of the people for it is the essence for visiting other countries. You can also check these places on the internet like: You Tube, Wikitravel, Tripadvisor, etc."


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