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The Difficult Art of Analysis Part II & How Biofeedback Could Play a Vital Role

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Serenity Group – The Difficult Art of

Psychotherapy w/ Alan Watts, Part II

I. Introductions & Round Robin

II. Preamble

We'll pick up where we left off last month with Watts' recorded lecture conclusion upon Haley's article about the "one-up-manship" and "one-down-manship" that might occur in standard psychotherapy and Watts asks, "Is Haley spoofing psychotherapy or is he subtly commending it?" Clear terms: 1. Semantics – The study of meanings in language.

2. “General Semantics” – A school of thought, fathered by Korzebsky in the 30’s, and who authored “Science and Sanity”. Alan Watts mentions General Semantics as he describes the problems of language and how it contributes to the pitfalls of psychoanalysis.

3. “CompensAtory Theory of the Unconscious” – Compensatory means balancing or making equivalent. This is the theory that an individual seeks to shut off his confusions in life with conscious thought. Thus, he is trying to compensate for his inability to control his unconscious by creating conscious answers.

· Instructions for listening:

1. Anyone is allowed to interrupt the playback for definitions or explanations. The tape will be paused and re-cued to before the idea/word each time.

· Any questions before we start.

III. Playback Lecture – 30 minutes

Diagram Psychiatry’s Matrix Intro Serenity Group Upcoming Film Screening as sequel to these concepts IV. 10 Minute Break V. 20 Minutes - Ron Talks about the contrasting reality of psycho- biofeedback w/demonstration.

Clear terms: Psycho – Of or having to do with the spirit originally, but now mind. Biofeedback – response (feed back, answer) from a living thing, here the body. So psycho-biofeedback is how the body responds to the mind. VI. 10 minute Group Process: “Yes. No.”

VII. 5 minute Round robin on impressions/ideas.

VIII. Announcements