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Thank you for your interest in this event. Micah Ministry provides dinner and essential personal articles to more than 700 people on an average Monday evening. It's an ecumenical feeding program and welcomes volunteers from many different companies, Churches, schools, and other organizations to serve.

As dinner guests are invited inside, they sit at tables to be served their meal and drink. The guests are also waited on for their needs from the clothes pantry and you do the shopping for them. Some examples of what they need from the clothes pantry are toiletries, clothing items, footwear, and linens.

Unlike some other feeding programs, there are only basic screenings to be allowed to come and eat. Because of this, children age 11 and under are not allowed to attend. Twelve and 13 year olds need to have an adult with them, one per child. Older teens are quite welcome!

Please arrive at 5:00 for job assignments. Dinner usually starts by 5:30 and ends by 7:00. If you arrive on time, you will usually have the opportunity to choose your job assignment for the night. I recommend that you try out the different opportunities to find out what suits you. You may find out that you will like to alternate jobs from one event to the next.

The Church is located on the south side of Independence Blvd and there are 2 small parking lots behind the Church. The lot that is usually full is where the building entrance is located. You will need to walk down the stairwell to the lower level. There is another small parking lot behind the Church to the west (right hand turn out of parking lot that is usually full). I hope that you will receive a blessing from serving others less fortunate than us.