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Chacqie C.

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Raymore, MO

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Sep 26, 2013


My schedule has freed up recently, and I would like to start volunteering my time when possible.

What causes or nonprofits do you feel strongly about or want to volunteer with? (ex: hunger, the environment or Habitat) Do you currently volunteer with any nonprofits?

No I haven't volunteered recently, and I do not have anything specific in mind.

What type of volunteer work are you interested in doing? (ex. sorting or organizing, cooking/serving food, building or physical work, ect.) Do you have any special skills?

yard work, house work, paper crafts, singing (in a group preferably, not by myself), good with MS Office products and Adobe Acrobat, troubleshooting basic computer problems, prefer physical labor jobs for the exercise.

The Serve KC Leadership Team is made up of volunteer Organizers and Event Hosts. Would you be interested in hosting an occasional event or organizing with a new nonprofit?

Lets see how I do after the first couple of meet ups and we'll revisit this question later. :o)

What do you hope to get from volunteering with Serve KC?

Cass, but may be able and/or interested in traveling to other counties if I'm available.

How did you find out about Serve KC?

Looking through the list of available groups in the area.