Serverless Ecommerce:How to leverage APIs, Events, Microservices in your project

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✨Talk ✨
Serverless Ecommerce: How to leverage APIs, Events, and Microservices in your next project.

This tech talk will cover how the Serverless Framework and commercetools work together to create modern cloud E-commerce applications. There will be an introduction to the Serverless Framework and explanation as to "why" and "how " this commercetools integration came to be. You will learn how to deploy commercetools API Extensions and Subscriptions and connect to Serverless functions through demos. Several modern E-commerce development recipes will be covered as well.

✨Speakers ✨
James Luterek is a seasoned eCommerce professional with over a decade of experience across software development, architecture, marketing, and analytics. Since graduating from the State University of New York with a bachelor’s in computer science and mathematics, James has worked in a large variety of roles from the programmer, project lead, manager, director, and currently solution architect.

Nicholas Speeter is a Fullstack Software Developer and Solutions Engineer at commercetools. Nick previously worked at IBM developing serverless computing for IBM Cloud Functions and developed several components of IBM's Mobile Platform. He has a background in platform development as well as customer research and solutions.

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