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6:00pm -- Open Doors, Refreshments, Chatting / Introductions

6:30pm - Mike Roberts

Web services, the cloud, containers, microservices ... software architecture always has a new fad, and some of them even stick around for a while. This year’s hot, new buzzword is "serverless" — the idea of replacing your server applications with ... well, what, exactly? Fresh from his keynote talk at O'Reilly's Software Architecture conference in San Francisco, Mike Roberts introduces the concepts behind serverless architectures to answer this question, explains how serverless breaks from the past, and provides reasons why it is worthy of some of the hype it’s currently receiving — balanced with a few warnings of some rough edges.

While many members of this meetup have a good grounding in Serverless this talk will fill in a few gaps for many people and is also a great intro topic for your colleagues, so bring them along!

About the Speaker:

Mike Roberts (@mikebroberts) is an engineering leader living in New York City. He's spent much of his time over the last few years managing people and teams but most recently has got very excited about the area of 'Serverless', writing a well-read extended article on the subject during the summer (available at http://bit.ly/mr-serverless). Mike is a long-time proponent of Agile and DevOps values and is excited by the role that cloud technologies have played in enabling such values for many high-functioning software teams.