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Chatbots & Voice User Interfaces (the Amazon way)

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The presentation will cover Serverless Use Cases dear to my heart:

1. Chatbots - Claudia.js Bot Builder example for several messaging platforms,
2. Voice User Interfaces (VUI) - we'll go through some Amazon Alexa examples,
3. we'll talk about Voice-First design & how it differs from designing mobile and web apps, even Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.


Two free eBooks - compliments of Slobodan Stojanović (the author & AWS Community Hero, so you can go deeper into the Serverless Chatbots examples we'll cover.


As an ex-"IVR guy", I believe that:
* IVRs of yesterday are Chatbots of tomorrow, and that
* after the Mobile-First Apps tsunami is over, IT industry will turn towards designing Voice-First user interfaces
… which aligns nicely with the future of Cloud-native computing - Serverless!

Please join me in the charming space to chat, brainstorm & learn together over pizza and soft drinks donated by :)

Daniel ZivKovic
Cloud Solutions Architect at TriNimbus