• A look at Google Cloud Functions // Firebase Crash Course

    Save the date, because we've got some exciting Serverless stories to share with you from 2 great local speakers here in Toronto: Talk#1: Matt Welke will be covering an introduction to Serverless on Google Cloud. He will demonstrate how to work with the GCP web console, CLI tool, and deploy an HTTP Cloud Function with CORS support. Matt will also touch on the similarities and differentiating factors of the functionality vis-à-vis AWS. https://www.linkedin.com/in/matt-welke/ Talk#2: Kudz Murefu will present Serverless computing with Firebase Cloud Functions and Realtime Databases. This will cover an overview of Firebase, and the usage of realtime databases in a serverless application. Kudz will also share his learnings and experiences from related project work. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kudzanai-murefu-7b128886/ Please bring along plenty of enthusiasm and questions - we're looking forward to it being a fun-filled night 🙂 P.S. If you'd like to speak too, join our slack community via http://slack.serverlesstoronto.org & add your topic to the #want-to-present channel (https://serverless-toronto.slack.com/messages/CGG6LJGKD

  • Racing with Artificial Intelligence


    AI + ML + Robotics combination is a game changer, so we're happy to announce that Alex Barbosa Coqueiro - Public Sector Solutions Architect Manager at AWS Canada (https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexbc/) will introduce us to AWS Robomaker & AWS DeepRacer! • AWS Robomaker (https://aws.amazon.com/robomaker/) is a service that makes it easy to develop, test, and deploy intelligent robotics applications at scale. • AWS DeepRacer (https://aws.amazon.com/deepracer/) is a 1/18th scale race car which gives you an interesting and fun way to get started with Reinforcement Learning (RL). Alex will also talk about managed Reinforcement Learning (RL) with Amazon SageMaker, and compare DeepRacer to Donkey Car – open source project for small-scale self-driving cars: http://www.donkeycar.com/ This session is recommended for nerds and people who love Serverless :) No robotics expertise is required!

  • ServerlessToronto.org welcomes SmashingConf to Toronto

    Serverless Toronto is honoured to welcome Phil Nash – SmashingConf presenter (https://smashingconf.com/toronto-2019/speakers/phil-nash/) and developer evangelist at Twilio (https://www.twilio.com/blog/author/pnash) to our meetup on Monday, June 24 📣 Twilio’s Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) APIs power communications for over 40,000 businesses around the world – including Lyft, Airbnb, or Netflix! You can think of Twilio as “AWS for telecom”. Phil’s informal talk will cover: • A bit of history behind serverless products at Twilio today, • Node.js-powered Twilio Functions (https://www.twilio.com/blog/start-a-new-twilio-functions-project-the-easy-way), • intro to Autopilot - a new service from Twilio for building Omni-Channel Digital Assistants, AI-powered Chatbots, Conversational IVRs, and Alexa Skills (https://www.twilio.com/docs/autopilot), and • a sneak peek of a feature Twilio will be launching in August (as long as we agree to not tweet about it 😄). SMASHINGCONF DISCOUNT Here at #ServerlessTO we're committed to building bridges between Serverless (Back-end) and UX (Front-end) "tribes", so we have a gift for those still on the fence about attending the SmashingConf: • This link gives you a 100CAD off to conference tickets: https://ti.to/smashingmagazine/smashingconf-toronto-2019/discount/ServerlessToronto CATERING Tank you Cloudinary for being our catering sponsor again, and sending your developer advocate Timirah (https://www.linkedin.com/in/timirahjames/) to tell us in person what your "Media Developer Experts Program" is about: https://cloudinary.com/blog/announcing_cloudinary_s_media_developer_experts_program SCHEDULE 6:00 PM - Doors open for networking & pizza 6:30 PM - Stand-up introductions, presentation, Q&A 7:30 PM - Manning Publications giveaway (https://www.slideshare.net/dzivkovi/algolia-simpler-faster-alternative-to-elasticsearch-solr-search-engines/5), more networking 8:30 PM - See you all next time! 👋

  • Algolia: simpler, faster alternative to Elasticsearch & Solr Search Engines

    Algolia (https://www.algolia.com/) is another tool from @JoeEmison's Entrepreneurs Toolkit we'll discuss in our meetups. Joe - the father of “Serviceful Serverless” term, is a serial technical co-founder who created (and sold) 4 companies in the last 3 years using Serverless technologies... and Algolia was used in all of them! Algolia - Distributed Search Engine, offers hosted consumer-grade search via API for websites, mobile and voice applications. The fact that you don’t have to install, manage, nor scale servers/software qualifies it as a Serverless "Backend as a Service" (BaaS). So, mark your calendars and join us on May 21, because our special guest Aaron Stillwell from Algolia will be flying from London UK, to answer ALL of your questions about creating relevant, scalable, and lightning-fast Search and Data discovery experiences. 📣 The seating is limited in Myplanet - so be sure to RSVP ASAP for pizza and this AWESOME tech talk! SCHEDULE 6:00 PM - Doors open for networking & pizza 6:30 PM - Stand-up introductions, presentation, Q&A 8:00 PM - Manning Publications giveaway (https://www.slideshare.net/dzivkovi/serverless-is-not-cloudless-serverless-security-in-aws-aws-funds-for-startups/2), more networking 8:30 PM - See you all next time! 👋 YOUR HOMEWORK 🙂 1. Feel the power of Algolia InstantSearch at https://reinventvideos.com/ (code at https://github.com/nragusa/reinventvideos) 2. Read the 3-part article "Comparing Algolia and Elasticsearch For Consumer-Grade Search": https://blog.algolia.com/algolia-v-elasticsearch-latency/, https://blog.algolia.com/algolia-v-elasticsearch-relevance/ & https://blog.algolia.com/algolia-vs-elasticsearch-developer-experience-ux/ 3. Watch "DynamoDB streams + Algolia search - Free text searching in a NoSQL database" tutorial by AWS Serverless Hero Marcia Villalba https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vue_yZck1Hk 4. Bonus lecture: "Building an interactive showcase with Vue.js & Vue InstantSearch" presentation from recent "Vue.js Paris #19" event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw-Ie5zPhYk

  • Serverless is not Cloudless: Serverless Security in AWS & AWS funds for Startups

    📣Mark your calendars and join us on April 18 for an evening of talks and socializing. You will learn how to secure your serverless apps in the AWS Cloud, plus how to get Amazon Canada to help you with your Startup projects – both financially & resources wise! Special thanks to Myplanet (https://www.myplanet.com/) for providing the space, and PureSec - Serverless Security Platform (https://www.puresec.io/) for providing pizza and refreshments! PRESENTATIONS 1. "Serverless Security in AWS Cloud" by Andrew Brown (https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-wc-brown/), CEO of ExamPro Andrew adopted his recent AWS Security talk (http://bit.ly/fast-track-to-security-with-aws) to focus on securing Serverless apps and services. Plus, he "spiced it up" with some OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Serverless Top 10 information. 2. "Serverless, Startups & AWS - The beginning of a beautiful friendship" by Mike Apted (https://twitter.com/mikeapted), Startup Solutions Architect at AWS Canada In this talk, Mike will discuss the alignment of goals between Serverless technology and Startups. He will talk about the platform features and AWS programs that are available to enable startups in accelerating their product market fit, fueling their growth and making connections. To whet your appetite: some of the AWS programs covered will be Alexa Fund, AWS Activate and Startup Migrate 🤤 📣 Startup funding and Security are always hot topics, plus seating is limited in Myplanet - so please be sure to RSVP ASAP! SCHEDULE 6:00 PM - Doors open for networking & pizza 6:30 PM - Stand-up introductions, presentations, Q&A 8:00 PM - Manning Publications giveaway (https://www.slideshare.net/dzivkovi/serviceful-serverless-computing-topics/9), more networking 8:30 PM - See you all next time! 👋 Please bring along plenty of enthusiasm and questions - we're looking forward to a fun-filled night 🙂

  • Turning Static Sites to Dynamic / Call Transcription & Sentiment Analysis in AWS

    📣Mark your calendars and join us on March 26 for an evening of talks and socializing! Special thanks to Myplanet (https://www.myplanet.com/) for providing the space, and Thundra (https://www.thundra.io/) for providing pizza and refreshments! PRESENTATIONS 1. "Turning Static Websites into Dynamic" by Bhavana Srinivas (https://twitter.com/bhavana1110), Solutions Engineer at Netlify In this talk, Bhavana will show us how to bring alive static sites with Functions. She will be diving into building sites the JAMstack way, along with demos on how to hook up these sites with Serverless Hello Worlds to more useful 3rd party services. 2. "Transcription and Sentiment Analysis Pipeline for Call Centre Recordings" by Mark McQuade (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-mcquade/), Cloud Solution Architect at Onica AWS "This is My Architecture"-style talk, about stitching Serverless components to implement Audio Transcription and Sentiment Analysis Pipeline for a Call Centre client who was exploring the benefits of AI & Machine Learning (ML) in the Cloud. SCHEDULE 6:00 PM - Doors open for networking & pizza 6:30 PM - Stand-up introductions, presentations, Q&A 8:00 PM - Manning Publications giveaway (https://www.slideshare.net/dzivkovi/serviceful-serverless-computing-topics/9), more networking 8:30 PM - See you all next time! 👋 Please bring along plenty of enthusiasm and questions - we're looking forward to a fun-filled night 🙂

  • “Serviceful Serverless” theme continues in Toronto…

    Hudson’s Bay Company

    We have an amazing lineup of speakers for ServerlessToronto.org 1st birthday on Wednesday (Feb 20, 2019) in Hudson’s Bay heritage building “The Simpson Tower”: 1. “Show and tell of Cloudinary BaaS recipes and DAM for a dynamic world” by Eric Courville, Sr. Director – Business Development, Americas at Cloudinary 2. “AliPay/WeChatPay @ HBC/SAKS” by Danny Elisha, Sr. Systems Architect at HBC 3. “How to leverage AWS – Unofficial Guide for Startups” by Alan Williamson, Director – Solutions Architecture at Onica.com 4. “Spreading the JAM(stack) to build Static serverless websites” by Bhavana Srinivas, Solutions Engineer at Netlify. Please bring along plenty of enthusiasm and questions – we're looking forward to it being a fun-filled night :) HOW TO FIND US Enter the Simpson Tower from Bay Street (S/E of Bay & Queen), take an elevator to 9th floor and follow directional signs, or call me at[masked] if you get disoriented.

  • GraphQL, AWS AppSync and where it fits in the AWS Serverless story

    Myplanet (Bank of Upper Canada Building)

    GraphQL has become the API of choice for many leading technology companies. In 2018 AWS made its’ managed GraphQL service, AWS AppSync, generally available. In this talk we will discuss: * What GraphQL is * Why it is being adopted * What AWS AppSync is and how it works * Where AWS AppSync fits into the broader AWS serverless landscape PRESENTER BIO: Peter Dyer is Freelancer and https://www.fullsapps.com/ contributor. You can follow him on Twitter @peter_dyer. SCHEDULE: 6:00 PM - Doors open for networking & pizza 6:30 PM - Stand-up introductions 7:00 PM - Presentation, plus Q&A 8:00 PM - Networking PS. WE ARE LOOKING FOR A CATERING SPONSOR: Contact me NOW because $200CAD will give you plenty of PR (while providing enough pizza & refreshments for our members).

  • Building Serverless Data Pipelines

    Myplanet (Bank of Upper Canada Building)

    Data pipelines are the foundation of any cutting edge tech product. It does not matter if you are building a web app, a mobile app, a video game or an AI Recommender system, it needs data to run. As an example let's say your building an AI Recommender system that tells you which stock to invest in. The AI providing the suggestion needs to have data on top of which you can train it. If you have heard of MLOps it is basically a fancy new buzzword used for describing a datapipeline that feeds data to an ML system. When it comes to building a Data pipeline the most important things are data processing speed and the ability to scale. The speed of a datapipeline is measured with a metric called time to live. Time to live is the time that it takes the datapipeline from the point when there was a change in the data from an external source until the data has been processed by the data pipeline. In order to make your system as close as possible to real time, your time to live needs to be as short as possible. Time to live is drastically cut down by using the event-driven nature of the serverless architecture. Using serverless gives you the ability to scale up and down in order to handle the volume of incoming data that needs to be processed. Scaling is achieved again by using the event-driven nature of serverless as you are reacting to events triggered by incoming data. The more data that comes in creates more events, which results in more serverless processes (lambdas) to process the data. In this talk, we will talk about how to build a data pipeline by fully leveraging the serverless architecture in order to make it fast and scalable. Presenter Bio: Ivan Vukasinovic is the founder of Devinity Corp https://devinity.io/ and ex-Amazonian.

  • Using Event Streams to orchestrate a Serverless Application

    Myplanet (Bank of Upper Canada Building)

    There are many examples where a single Function-as-a-Service (FAAS) can be used in isolation to add some value to your architecture; maybe it's a trigger that runs from your object store, or maybe it's a simple POST handler for your restful API. But how do you build a whole Application out of serverless components? If you start chaining your logic together with functions calling functions, calling functions, you might very quickly run into some anti-patterns of long-running FAAS's, blocking logic, or backoff-retries running up your taxi meter! In this presentation (and a small demo) we'll look at using event flow on a message bus, to orchestrate application logic, and build an extensible foundation that's ready to scale with your business. Presenter Bio: Jonathan Dee of Tiki Springs Inc. is AWS Certified Solutions Architect who helps companies achieve their business objectives by modernizing their technology.