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Happy New Year

After the mince pies and good living the Service Lab team have set some health related New Year resolutions. So it felt fitting that our first speakers this year should be the NHS! We're very much looking forward to hearing how they're embracing service design.

Before we tell you a bit more about the event we wondered if we could ask for your help?

In 2018 we're looking for new venues to host us. We're looking for agencies, companies or educational organisations that will; host us for 4 events (roughly one a quarter) and have the capacity for between 100 - 150 people. If you can help in any way please drop rupert a line:

OK, on with the show! Our first event has two talks:

  1. Designing for Healthcare.

It's an introduction to some of the important nuances when designing services for healthcare, and how identification and understanding of user needs might look different from other industries. This becomes increasingly true as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are changing the game, and make new services possible on the back of a deeper understanding of users’ history and behaviour.

The talk is being given by Rasmus and Joe, Strategy Consultants at SPARCK. Rasmus and Joe work with the NHS to design new services across their digital landscape. They specialise in Design Thinking and AI respectively, and have experience across Healthcare, Banking, Retail and Energy.

  1. Re-imagining the inpatient experience

With the emergence of new technologies and services, patients now expect to receive the same quality of experiences as they do in other aspects of their lives. However, some of the obstacles the healthcare industry faces, from an integration and design point of view, make the patient experience a painful one, interfering with the recovery instead of facilitating it.

This talk is being given by Diana Mundo, a UX Designer at Razorfish. She will talk about experience design gaps found in the in-patient journey based on personal experiences. She will focus the analysis from a product and service design points of view to identify the current issues. She will also propose ideas on how to use a user-centred design approach to fill the gaps.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Love + Peace

The Service Lab Team

70 Wilson Street · London
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