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The Successful Entrepreneurs Network (SEN) & China Classifieds are excited to invite you to attend the “Service Market Fair – Human Resources & Training Edition”.

This edition of the Service Market Fair (SMF) is focused on ‘Human Resources & Training In China” and will feature service professionals who can help with the following:
Obtaining Work Permits
Benefits & Compensation in China
HR Consulting
Talent Management
Relocation & House Movers.

Who Should Attend? This edition of the Service Market Fair (SMF) will have 35 service providers involved in recruitment, benefits, work permits, talent management, outsourcing, insurance & relocation.

You should attend SMF if:
You are looking for a job and want to meet recruiters;
You are a senior executive and considering a career change;
You are a C-Level executive & want to decide which HR firms to choose for your organization.
You are the HR Manager of a Company and want to know about the latest trends;
Need information on obtaining work permits in China;
Need information on cost of hiring in different industries in China;
Looking for talent managers;
Looking for companies that can provide outsourcing services;
Need information on employee insurance providers.
Need information on relocation & house movers.

SMF Workshops As the fair is going on, you can attend the scheduled workshops covering the main topics of the fair theme, given by expert in various fields, side by side with the Service Market Fair. There will be 7 mini-sessions/workshops during the Service Market Fair. Two of the mini-sessions will feature a panel discussion from HR Directors in leading companies. See agenda to view the speakers.
Benefit of SMF to Service Providers
A place to meet new clients/customers
Opportunity to meet HR Directors in large corporations
Ability to test the pulse of the market
Opportunity to hold one-on-one interactions and discussions.
Opportunity to see what's new in the industry
Opportunity to announce new innovations
Opportunity to share information & publications
Fostering communities
Increased awareness about the industry
Lead generation
Brand development and reinforcement

About The Service Market Fair (SMF)

SMF is an event designed to put the best-in-class service providers in one location and act as a one-stop-shop for people seeking information about a specific theme. Service providers are also able to test the pulse of the market with one-on-one interactions and discussions.

The SMF is held quarterly and the first SMF was held in December 2017 with 20 companies and 200 registered attendees. The current edition is expected to attract 35 companies and 500 visitors.

Registration to attend the SMF is free!

About The Organizers

The Successful Entrepreneurs Network (SEN) is a networking & experiential platform run by Afriscaper Consulting that facilitates collaboration between business people. SEN currently has over 1,000 members.

China Classifieds is the only English classifieds website with WeChat integration that is available in many cities across China. It offers not only a platform for renting, buying, selling, and swapping products and services but also a channel for staying updated with events and organizations relevant for internationals.

Information For Service Providers

If you are involved in recruitment, benefits & compensation, work permits, talent management, outsourcing & insurance and wish to be one of the service providers at the SMF, select one of the service provider packages.