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A study group for people who want to understand the continuum hypothesis. The idea I have for this group is that we could do a sort of group study using Paul Cohen's book ( https://www.amazon.com/Theory-Continuum-Hypothesis-Dover-Mathematics/dp/0486469212 ). I was thinking we could meet every two weeks or so after having studied a small section of the book to get together and discuss it, make sure we all understand it, talk about some of the philosophy behind it, excetera.

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Meeting 4: Lowenheim-Skolem through Primitive Recursive Functions

We will continue to really dig into the material. In the last meeting we got through Ch. 1, sec 4. Our goal for this meeting will be to go through Ch. 1, sec 5 - 7 (pp 17 - 32). If you haven't yet, please do try to review the material up to and including what we'll cover. If you haven't sent it to me before, please send me (via DM) your name (as shows up on your id) and email address so I can give it to security. You should get an email with a barcode you can use when you get here. If it doesn't work, you can see the security desk and call me if there is an issue.

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