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"You're the leading edge of Creation, All-That-Is sees through you, Experiences through you, Loves through you, Cries through you, laughs through you. Thus, why not be the best you can be!

Hello dear Friends! My name Is Marco. My story started at the tender age of 12, when I was the victim of a horrific automobile accident. A life-changing experience, as in that accident I experienced something beyond our world, I temporarily died - and came back. But that wasn’t the end of my interactions with the Esoteric. At age 23 I moved from my native country of Italy to Canada - and almost immediately I was contacted by my Spirit Guide, Seth! The seven year long interaction with Seth left me not only an enormous amount of information to share, a very heightened ability to "sense" folks, and a marked clairvoyance, but above all a clear understanding of how our Universe works, God and Creation, Life's Purpose, Life after Death, and last but not least a clear understanding of the much talked about but greatly misunderstood Law of Attraction. I would love to share with you this incredible experience, and the powerful revelations of my seven-year interaction with Seth and what I was able to experience and learn with him!

You can say that I am a fully fledged Psychic, but I prefer thinking of myself as a very informed - very connected Soul. These gifts, have allowed me to help dozens of folks come to terms with the mysteries of Life, as well as their own perceived personal dilemmas. Here is what Seth said at the end of our seven years long interaction: “I am the tree trunk – you (I and 2,000 Others) are my branches, together we are the tree, as such we will always and inherently be connected - as one," he revealed! Hence, I Am part of Seth’s Family of Consciousness! Thus, I am in constant - direct contact with the Greater Entity that is Seth.

In addition to the MeetUp seminars, through my website (Sethteachings.org) I offer a range of One-on-One, and Group Consultations, both Online (Via Skype), or in person at my studio. Below are a few of the areas I will offer guidance on - and some I will not.

What I Will Gladly Help you with is: Spiritual Advice, Understanding your higher Purpose / Your Role in Life. - Help in Decision making / best path to take. - What type of Work / Business / Relationship is most suitable for You. - Family / Relationships / Children Issues. - Financial Clarity. - Religious / Spiritual Clarity. - Sleep / Health Issues. - Bereavement and Divorce / Separation. - Clarity on Sexuality, Anxiety, Unresolved Issues. - And Much More!

..and what I will NOT advise you on is: Am I going to win the Lottery /give me lottery numbers. - Guess how many children I have – or my dog’s name?……. You get the picture.

Our Website: Sethteachings.org (http://www.sethteachings.org)

Languages Spoken: English – Italian – Spanish

Please take a look at our calendar of upcoming events. So that we can all grow at the same pace, please attend as many sessions as you can. And remember to participate as much as possible, make suggestions and ask questions. And if you would like to help in the management side of this wonderful group, please let me know. The larger our group grows, the more we grow spiritually - the more we can help others!

Thank you kindly. I send you Love and Light.

Marco Governali PhD (Organizer)

More about Your organizer: Marco is a 55 year old Entrepreneur. Although Marco has owned several (conventional) businesses over the years, more and more his passion has shifted towards the esoteric, culminating with a book he published in August, 2017. Within 30 hours from release, the book became a Number 1 Best Seller, something Marco is extremely grateful for. In the last few years, Marco has been focusing on further enhancing of his own understanding of the subject he loves, eagerly enrolling in every course and seminar he can find. His qualifications include: PhD (Chemistry and Computer Sciences,) Accomplished Musician, Reiki Master/Healer, Number 1 Best Selling Author and a Life & Spiritual Coach. Marco holds regular seminars both in Canada as well as in California, USA. Just lately (October 2017) Marco was selected to co-author a fantastic new upcoming book titled "Wake Up - Live the Life you were meant to live" - not only is this going to be an extraordinary book, but it will be co-authored by other well known names in the Self-Awareness movement, the likes of the famous actor Jim Carrey.


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Are you a Light worker? For starters, being aware that everything happens for a reason, if you are here - you are consciously seeking - or your Higher-Self brought you here.

Who is a "Light worker?" On the surface, normal everyday people. Spiritually speaking however, they are aware and ready to step into their Sacred Purpose. A light worker is someone who wants to see healing in the world on a large scale, considers themselves able to detect subtle healing energy, and has had some kind of a mystical awakening in their lives, be it current or a past life. Yes they can at times get caught up in the triviality of everyday earthly life. At times they can even get off course for a while - forgetting their innate gift, their self-healing powers. All Light workers however, will eventually begin to sense - become aware of the "quiet call" in their heart, and begin to perceive a deep - certain feeling that they are here for a higher purpose. in the beginning, they often have no idea what that purpose is, but as time goes on, they will be able to focus more and more, and crystallize their reason for being.

How do you know if you are a Light Worker?

1. Alone, time feels normal. Time alone was never misspent for you as a child or an adult. You enjoy isolation because it's so easy to pick up on the moods of the people around you.

2. You want to help people. Light Workers are people who are here to heal the Earth. You want to help eradicate all physical problems with the world, like poverty, war and hunger.

3. You respect all life. You find animal abuse physically sickening. You find all life to be valuable and worth our respect. Environmental destruction grinds your gears the most. You want to protect life on this planet.

4. You don't always feel like you fit in. You tend to rebel against authority and view governments with a great deal of mistrust. You feel like you're the odd man or woman out in this society. It's not uncommon. In many ways, our culture is one of destruction, and that's the opposite of what you're aiming for.

5. You feel at one with the cosmos. When you look up at the night sky, you feel at peace and at home. You admire the cosmos around you. It feels like your whole existence is to learn and promote better living.

6. You feel it is your duty to counsel, write or help others do the same.You may have had experiences as a child that seemed un-explainable, such as visions or dreams that came true. You also hold the belief that the Love of Spirit can heal any situation with faith, fearlessness, perseverance and peace.

Please take a look at our calendar of upcoming events. So that we can all grow at the same pace, please attend as many events as you can. And remember to participate as much as possible, make suggestions and ask questions.

Note: If you would like to help in the management of this beautiful group, so that we can grow as large as possible, please message me.

Thank you kindly. I send you Love and Light.

Marco Governali PhD (Organizer)

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