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Rest assured. Sex addiction is a serious matter. I'm Rodney Collins, a United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy qualified psychotherapist and addictions specialist with Phocus, and I've established the London Sex Addicts Support Group to offer a support network for men suffering from Sex Addiction and problematic sexual behaviour.

A lot of us have been caught by surprise by our inability to limit our use of porn and chat sites on the internet. We promise ourselves we'll cut down on our use only to fail, or we cancel subscriptions to sites and delete saved images only to re-subscribe or to begin saving pornographic images again. Others of us might be involved in sexual relationships with a frequency that we find uncomfortable yet unable to curtail. This isn't a comment on the supremacy of monogamy but an acknowledgement that life has moved to a point where our number of sexual contacts is uncontrollable and largely unpleasurable. Numerous partners whose names we don't know and whom we don't care for have resulted in a life without intimacy.

The overall price in terms of lost time, damaged relationships, the financial cost of sex chat lines and/or escorts, and our overall health due to stress, depression, and STD's can be significant. We're ready for change. The aim of this group is to provide a regular place for men grappling with sex addiction or problematic sexual behaviour to meet. The groups are free from judgement and professionally facilitated for everyone's safety and benefit.

If interested RSVP for our next meeting or contact me by telephone or email: (020) 7467 8332 or

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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