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Sex, Love and Relationships London is a place for all singles and couples passionate about improving themselves and their relationships (current and future), personal growth, self-improvement, achievement of success and wealth and many other areas of life.

If you find this appealing, you are one of us and we would love you to join our group and meet with us.

We strive to create a learning environment and supportive community where each of members of the Group can benefit from it and have a chance to share his/hers personal experiences and learning.

There are regular meetings offered for members of the group, such as, but not limited to: talks, workshops or webinars. Most of these will be held in Hillingdon area and some in Central London.

The most popular topics are:

Relationships – how to build lasting relationships, maintain them and understand their dynamics, how to understand the opposite sex etc.

Dating - how to overcome shyness, avoid mistakes, how to be assertive on a date and who should pay the bill :)

Moving on - how to move on if your relationship fails, forgiving yourself and your ex, how to shake it off so you don't bring the problems to your new relationship,

Personal development – we discover how to maximise one’s potential, understand each other, get the know yourself and many more,

Self-love – how to love yourself, get to know yourself, be your best friend, enhance your self-esteem, self- worth and many more selfies ;)

Confidence – how to believe in yourself, getting out of your comfort zone and more


We (Izabela and Ola) are both life coaches and we are also a couple. We have studied the dynamics of relationships over the years. We are also passionate about self development and coaching. We have varieties of experience from dating, short and long relationships, marriages, divorces, love, disappointment, set backs, cheating, having fun, routine and stagnation in long term relationships, dis-honesty, communication issues and interracial relationships to name a few.

We have created this MeetUp to share our knowledge and help other people to become HAPPY. It doesn't matter if you are single, dating, in a long term relationship or married - there is always a room for improvement.

We make the best of the meetings allowing time for networking, free chat and also maximising its potential by inviting speakers, like-minded people, who are sharing their knowledge and experience with our group.

We strive to be HAPPY in every RELATIONSHIP in our lives and we are hoping you will join us on this journey!

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