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Sex-Positive Ireland exists as a place through which Irish, Irish-resident, and Irish-friendly people can openly and positively celebrate human sexuality in all its myraid forms. The intent is to create an open-dialogue community around sex, sexuality, health, love, and relationships online, and to meet and discuss issues surrounding sexuality in a life-affirming, non-judgmental fashion.

This group is dedicated to sharing and organizing events and forums that focus on education to enhance conscious sexuality, relationships, and intimacy, physical embodiment. It is open to everyone of any sexual orientation and lifestyle who is sincere in their interest and enthusiasm for the topic. Whether it is a desire to be a part of a community fostering open dialogue about sexuality, spiritual expansion through sexuality, to learn more about your own body and sexuality, to discuss ways of creating more intimacy, to receive adult sex education, or getting tips on how to be a better lover, we welcome you.

Group meetings may include guest speakers such as sexological bodyworkers (somatic sex educators), intimacy coaches, writers, and other sex geeks. Sexual energy is a powerful tool for transformation, healing, solidifying relationship, and community building. This group is about helping people in Ireland meet their deep inner yearning for more sensuality, more sexiness, and more connection. We do this by inviting any and all sex-positive groups, events, and individuals to let our members know about happenings that they may be offering or have heard about. We hope to also be hosting a number of our own events as well, to offer experiential learning opportunities that consciously access and make use of a variety of profound ecstatic and erotic states..

We are interested in meetings, events and information sharing about some (and more!) of these things:

•Stimulating information and ideas around sex, love, relationship styles, community
•Erotic poetry, literature, and film •Classes and workshops about and relating to sexuality and relationships
•Touch positive happenings (from snuggling with clothes on, to skin to skin) •Sensual massage classes
•Sensual feasts
•Art exhibits of a sensual nature
•Nature exploration
•Burlesque, theater, etc.

We are interested in learning from diverse communities about what turns them on so that we can begin to expand our individual and collective erotic palette. You may see events related to sacred sexuality, polyamory, fetishes, BDSM, or bodywork, yoga, dance, or just 'everyday' sexuality!

The body is a source of ancient wisdom and eternal freedom. Explore, learn, grow, evolve, practice, and develop community with open minded, alive, awake people.

Come participate, learn and play in a conscious way! Sex-Positive Ireland invites everyone of every age, to come together and learn, share, play, grow, and become conscious of their sexuality in all its glory, even (or especially) the messy bits!

The more you contribute, the more you will receive in return. We look forward to seeing you at an event soon!

CLICK HERE TO VISIT SEX-POSITIVE IRELAND ON FACEBOOK (https://www.facebook.com/groups/565148243538069/)

NOTE: If you are considering joining, we want you to know that we are being somewhat selective because we are interested in building real community: people who are sincere, have something to contribute, will attend events, participate online, are likely to communicate with other members, host events and/or let us know about happenings. Please only apply if you are willing to take the time to fill out the questions thoughtfully and are truly interested in being part of a community.

Please note that this is *not* a dating or 'hook-up' group (there are other groups for that). If this is your reason for joining, please do not. Having said that, through the events listed and interacting with others, it is likely that you will meet and become friends with a lot of wonderful like-minded sexy people!

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