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Weekly talks and discussion by a sexually conscious married couple, sharing their experiences and adventures as they navigate the challenges we all face in creating and enjoying great relationships and meaningful sexual encounters. Jeni and Joe were both married before and we were each brought up in sexually conservative religious families, so our understanding of what was expected in relationships was way off. We've each spent the last 6 years transforming the way we experience life, by taking many courses and classes on both transformation and sexuality. We found each other two years ago and are experiencing great sex and connection with each other. Our meetup is intended to create a venue where we can share our experiences and support others in transforming old outdated beliefs given to us as kids and replacing them with healthy, fun, and updated beliefs that can bring what we are all really looking for.

A bit more about Jeni: I come from a very religious background. I was raised Mormon and was very active untill I was 38. The past 8 yers have been a continual awakening to my own soulful sexual truth. Coming home to a truth that my sex, and my sexuality, is a part of my spirituality and it is a true expression of who I am. I have been in personal development for the past 13 years and I am a continual student of life and a seeker of truth.

A bit more about Joe: I am an electrical engineer turned personal development coach. I have 8 years of study, courses, and coaching in the areas of relationships, sex and intimacy. My whole relationship with Jeni, including our sex life, is completely different than what I had in past relationships. It is even better than what I thought relationships could be. So much better. To get where I am today, I had to heal a lot of shame around sex, guilt about being loved, and fear of sharing my vulnerable sexual self. I'm now a certified Orgasmic Meditation Trainer, OneTaste Coach, president of Winnipeg, Inc.

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