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Blessed Beings,

This group is intended for all those seeking to heal memories of all sex-related trauma; ameliorating symptoms of PTSD from rape, childhood abuse, psychological-sexual violence, and any degree of experienced sexual misconduct.

Workshops are held every 6-8 weeks. Participants take home a packet of home-practices for self-care and healing. Individuals are invited to continue practicing relief techniques at home until the next group meeting is held.

This group is open to ALL beings seeking healing.

Sex-related trauma can and frequently does occur in non-violent and consensual sexual experiences.
Many experiences are not recognized as traumatic in nature, though our emotions, thought patterns and behaviors were impacted, and continue to be.

Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress may include:
• Improper self-care (i.e. improper diet, improper rest, negative thinking, etc.)
• Loss of employment as a result of unmanageable PTSD symptoms.
• Illness and required bed rest for days, weeks or months.
• Dissociation: symptoms may include mild detachment from immediate surroundings to more severe fragmentation of physical and emotional experiences.
• Flashbacks of traumatic experiences
• Psycho-somatization of unreleased memories; causing bodily disharmony, stress or disease.
• Fetishizing of sexual relationships / objectification of self and others
• Harboring of internal anger, resentment, and shame
• Dependency on or use of cigarettes, alcohol or other mind altering substances.
• Imbalanced body focus on weight and/or appearance
• Improper relationship with food – overeating to suppress emotions or under eating to create a feeling of control
• Symptoms are many. The list goes on.

Together we practice transformative tools to sever the bonds from subconscious cycling through PTSD. Some tools you will walk away with:

• A halting of reverberations from the traumatic event which may be playing out through emotional/behavioral cycles.
• A road-map for breaking free from false beliefs surrounding the traumatic event.
• A strengthened ability to communicate Your Truth “in the moment”.
• Knowledge of how to forgive yourself and how to forgive others.
• Knowledge of how to heal internal judgement and shame.
• A Remembering of your true nature

Workshop Aftercare:

Recovering from a rape or sexual assault is an ongoing experience. Do not feel guilty if you can’t just "get over it." Rebuilding feelings of safety, trust, divinity and self-worth requires patience and unending self-compassion.

For best results, allocate the remainder of this day for recovery time. We will have opened and extracted debris from deep wounds, and purification. Afterword you may experience heightened emotional, mental, physical and spiritual sensitivity. Proper self-care and good sleep are recommended. Be comforted in knowing, we’ve taken power away from trauma and reallocated the power back to its rightful owner, Spirit.

It is never too late to heal and recover. Take action today. For further inquiry, write to CompassionateKindness@gmail.com. You are supported and cared for.

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Sex Trauma PTSD Relief Workshop :: Sunday, Novemeber 26

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Sex Trauma PTSD Relief Workshop

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Sex Trauma PTSD Relief Workshop

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