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Ever dream of a having a group of friends who like talking about sex like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda do? There's no guarantee that our conversation will be THAT hot, but talking about sex and relationships is always great. What can you expect? Fascinating presentations, intimate conversation, reading erotica (best book club ever), and the occasional field trip. Bring a friend. Women of all shapes, sizes, colors, marital statuses and lifestyles welcome. All talk, no sex. But still sexy.

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If you're someone (or you know someone) who is hoping to live an authentic passionate life but doesn't have any idea where to start this book is for you.

"Too Busy to Get Busy" is a personal, funny and informative guide to creating a BEDROOM Blueprint™ (including barriers and affirmations in 7 key areas) that will make your life something to (secretly) smile about the next time you pull up to the drive through for a latte. For reals.

(Wondering if this book is for you? If you're over 18 the answer is yes! Too Busy to Get Busy is full of tips and tricks if you're straight vanilla, yummy chocolate, queer or kinkster. Take a look. Get the book.)

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