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Erotic Role Play & Control Play

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When you’re ready to take eroticism to the next level, sexual role playing can be the perfect way to heighten your pleasure and expand your erotic vocabulary.
You don't need to head to a swingers club or engage in S&M to spice up your sex life. Whether you are single and looking for new ways to have fun, or in a relationship, and looking to spice things up, with a bit of imagination, you can experience some scorching hot sex in other ways! All you need to do is step into somebody else's shoes for an evening:)

At this workshop with psychotherapist Meriana Dinkova and guest speaker , Life-and Relationship Coach Jerry Candelaria, you will learn some basics in Erotic Role Play. Being able to playfully take on different roles and bring out different characters form your partner, can not only spice up your existing erotic dynamics, but also bring out previously untapped erotic characteristics out of both of you. It often makes it easier to look into your deepest desires and reveal them to your partner. As a 'character', you can say, do, and ask for things, that are outside of the repertoire of your 'regular self'.
In this workshop you will also learn to not only pick roles that bring out extra spice in your erotic self, but also pick role dynamics that add extra elements to the tension between you and your lover. There might be added heat, if you add the elements of power- differential, or helplessness, or even age into the picture.

We will also touch on Control Play- how to use control, and the giving of direction and boundaries as erotic tools, that can drive both of you crazy.

Price: $20 on Meetup until 4pm at April 2nd, $25 there after; $25-$35 at the door

Meriana Dinkova is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MTF Lic#45696) and Life- and Relationship Coach in private practice in SF. For the last 16 years she has studied and practiced a variety of tantric, meditative and therapeutic methods involving the connection between spirit and body and the ways our attention influences our experience, particularly in the realms of connection, mindfulness and sensuality. For more info go to (

Jerry Candelaria was one of the co-founders of the very successful, San Francisco based, coaching and seminar company, Arete-Center for Excellence. He originated and pioneered several new models for producing lasting life changes and is most recognized for it's trademark Arete “Circling Method”. Arete delivered its programs across the US for 10 years in small group formats which inspired several offshoot organizations. Many participants licensed the material and brought it to larger audiences internationally, such as: AMP, AWE and the newest home for Arete's intellectual property, courses, and offerings: Authentic World. Through the work of Arete and it's very personal nature, Jerry has become recognized as a world class “relationship coach” – focusing on how relationships between people both drive fulfilling lives and excellence in business. You can contact Jerry at

What participants are saying about previous Sex Magic Meetups:

“ Excellent! Ali and Meriana are experienced, skillful, delightful, and playful. They created and held a safe space for me to experience and explore. I felt safe. Many somatic processes are intentionally established. Big deal for me, since personally I don't value the teaching from the "head".
David Song
“ It was a lot of fun! I'm learning a lot from meeting people of different walks of life. Loved the game! ”
“ A fascinating look into sexual energy (and energy in general). Meriana's honesty about herself was not only touching but created a comfortable environment for listening and sharing. ”
Steven Ross
“ Oh listen, I keep unfolding wonderful thoughts about my experience of opening up, sharing, and encountering people willing to share confusions and fears about meeting the opposite sex , and exploring the energy between people and my own identity as a sexual being. The leaders were supportive, and gave interesting departure points from which to explore our sensitivity and archetypes and paradigms. They encouraged everyone and showed us how to begin. I feel a new world of self- understanding and self-questioning can be opened up by participating in this workshop. Lets continue! ”
Emilie Kemlo

"Great workshop with enthusiastic hosts and positive energy. Meriana is excellent at helping people quickly see their "edge" or where they are engaging in behavior that is limiting themselves from the relationships that they might otherwise enjoy. I hope to attend additional workshops organized by Meriana and/or her co-facilitators!"


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