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This group is for everybody that wants to expand their embodiment, to increase sensitivity, pleasure, awareness around their bodies and wants to learn how to use their sexual energy (LIFE FORCE ENERGY) as creative energy. We will be exploring the many tools of Sexuality Practitioners (ie. Sexological Bodyworkers etc.) , who they are and how they can help you healing any particular issues connected to shame, guilt, fears and other behaviour patterns that prevent you of experiencing pleasure consciously and to the fullest.

For further information on what we do please visit our websites:

Kai Hemich (UK): http://www.kaihelmich.com

Randy Ralston (Ireland): http://www.consciousawakening.net

Dee Larson: (Northern Ireland): http://www.bodyconscious.me

Upcoming events (2)

Solo Tantra 1, Adult Sex Education

Mill Studios Dublin

more info, a video or how to book: www.kaihelmich.com/solotantra1 This Adult Sex Education workshop, invites you to shame-free re-connect to the whole of yourself. Learn how to tap into and nurture your creativity and intuition by focusing on self-love practices. Unconditional, nurturing, self-love is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves.​ The Solo Tantra 1 workshop is for those who want to: - deepen the relationship with their body - release the mind, surrender the heart - feel more feelings, more sensations and more pleasure - letting go of negative body images and shame - learn safe & effective techniques to mindful self-love - enjoy more freedom to express your sexual being - re-write outdated sexual belief and behaviour patterns - activate, hold and manage more sexual energy - Connect the heart to the genitals ​In this safe, fun and experiential workshop you will be taught shame free and most up-date sex education for mind, body and soul. I will share with you information and practical exercises including breathwork, somatic movement, mindfulness, full body stimulation, different kinds of genital touch, genital anatomy. You will learn how to build your own daily practice based on sound, breath and movement, touch, focus, pelvic floor muscle engagement, intention and how to move sexual energy around the entire body. For more info, a video or how to book: www.kaihelmich.com/solotantra1

Solo Tantra 2 weekend, Adult Sex Education

Mill Studios Dublin

more info, a video or how to book: www.kaihelmich.com/solotantra2 In this Adult Sex Education, structured, experiential 2-day workshop I invite anybody on a heart-centred exploration into shamefree, deep embodiment and to their fullest potential through self-love practices. Sexual Energy is the creative force that drives every living object towards its purpose. My aim is to provide accurate non-judgemental and shamefree Sex Education so that this creative energy within all of us can be accessed again, grown and harvested to great benefit to the individual and to our society. At all times participants are empowered to make their own choices to participate only to a certain degree or not at all to take part in any of the somatic learning experiences that are being offered. Your sense of honouring your own boundaries, limitations and comfort-levels are of utmost importance. Actually to say NO can be your biggest learning experience! Conscious Sexuality can only be explored by feeling safe, secure and fully honoured in their own dignity. All exercises are solo activities and do not involve other participants. more info, a video or how to book: www.kaihelmich.com/solotantra2

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