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Hi ! Everyone ! From, 'The Team, Craig'

This ! Is, 'Amazing Opportunity' Let's Enjoy ! All Season's & What? Life has to offer !

! Welcome, To, Our, 'New Fabulous' Group ! The Sexy Newcastle Singles !

Lucky! & Fantastic ! To take Leadership! & Grateful & Happy ! Of this One, 'Under New, Management' From, November 2018.

If, You! Are looking for the 'Love of your Life' - STOP! Just do the things,

That!'YOU LOVE' & they will 'show up!'

YES!..Because when you're having 'Fun, Good times & Excitement, plus Laughter' thing's, should 'HAPPEN!'...

! So, for, Now ! We have 'Created & Founded,' A NEW ! Exciting, 'Way to Meet, Your Match' taking 'Speed Dating' to the 'Next Level'

Now! Come! Join, 'In the Cool, Fun' With ! New ! The Newcastle Sexy Singles ! We, Are A, Group, Of, 'Inspired, Happy, Harmonies, Peaceful, Urban, 'Chill By The Beach' Plus, Dynamic, Team Effort, Talented & Creative, Social'

Plus, 'Interactive, Conscious, also, Savvy Singles' ( Looking, For 'Love, or, Friendship, Plus, Dating & Relationship's', Also, 'Anything, Everything, Much, much more' )

Yes, We have, an, 'Even Number' Of 'Like Minded' Ladies & Gentlemen ! Newly ! Singles ! Seeking to Meet, Each,Other!

Yes, As, We Plan to Have, 'Exciting & Real Life' New! Active, Events, & Meet Ups, In Newcastle & Surrounds, Plus,

'Face to Face,' Events & Meet Up's, for 'The Out n' About,' Like Minded, 'individual.'

Yes, We are a 'Laid Back Bunch,'of 'Eager to Meet & Greet,'sometimes, 'Down To Earth Mob,'

A, 'Happy, Go,Lucky, Mob,' Of 'New & Exotic Members,' 'Eager To Meet New Faces.'

Don't 'Feel, Embarrassed' About Being, 'Alone, or Single' Because, 'Where here for each other.'

Plus, You, do not have to 'Explain, Your Self.' To 'Any One, or Everybody,' Because, 'Where,

Worth it'

So, You! Can, Suggest, or, Find us, 'Having, Dinner, Partying, Small Bars, Dancing, Hiking, Talking, Cafe's, Weekend's Away, Circus Events, Day's Out, In Honey Suckle, Inn, Darby Street, Plus, Beaumont Street's, Pop Up Cafe's, Pop Up Festival's, Fairs & Markets, Art Exhibition's, Theme Events, Galleries, Fun With Alcohol, Non-Alcohol Event's, Healthy Eating Day's, Barefoot Beach Walk's & Lake Walk's'

'Conversation Meet up's, Park Activity, Concerts, Picnic's, Fruit Luck, Bird Spotting, Observation Day's, Outdoor's, Walking, Mixed Events, Or, Itinerary Events, Minnie Soccer & Running Events, Watching A Movie, Playing Raunchy Games,Theme Parks, & Garden Parks, Plus, Patisseries and Meditation, Retreat's, Also, Work Shop's, To Learning About, Enhancing, Our, Relationship & Dating skills'

So, "Get off you butt" & 'Start Organising' Events, in, your 'Local, Area' from, 'Sydney, to, Newcastle' & Surrounds. With, over '2800 Social Networking Members' from, Sydney, Surely, You ! Will, Meet, Someone.

Organising Events, Up to, Every,'Eight, Months to Six, Months, in, Advance' for 'Regular Meet Ups' Held 'Monthly' to 'Every 2 weeks'

Come On ! Join! In The "Fun, & Friendship, & Laughter, Plus, Dating, & Relationship's, Local, Plus, Get together's"..Yes ! "Anything & Everything"

Much, much more.

Because, it's Extremely, To 'Easy to Meet' Other, 'Singles In Your Area' Especially, 'Newcastle & Surrounds'

To 'Beat to the Grunt' & 'Relax, from the Daily Grind,' Maybe 'Smack Bang In The City,' or, Some,

Famous Venue, Nearby, or, 'Famous, Icon,' Inn, 'Newcastle, Or, Surrounds'

Join Now ! 'Just click' On, The join ! Button ! & Your Inn ! Glad ! You, Joined Our Team ! Of 'Sexy Singles'

! Because, It's FREE!...To Join, 'Free Membership' Free Up-Coming ! Events, Or, Meet ups !

! Don't ! LOOK !...Any Further ! This Is the 'SINGLES' Group for ! YOU ! About time, It Happened !

! Because we can make it ! Happen ! A Group, meet up, for, Every one !






'A1: 'Reminder Note's':-Please Read these Guidelines, Rules and Reviews'

- Please, 'Show, A, Frontal, Clear Photo' So, others, can, See 'Who You Are' at, A, 'Event, or, Meet Up'

- Be Respectful, Honest & Caring, Considerate, of Others, watch out, for others.

- Members that RSVP, but,Do Not Show Up, will be removed, after, ( Very, Unlimited, to, 25 Strikes, of No show )

-( 25-No-Shows)-Very, Unlimited-

- Be on your Best Behaviour, Tolerate others, Care for each other, Positive Talk, keep it flowing, and bad behaviour,

Is, not, Tolerated.

- Let, us, know, after, Meet up, if you, Can't Make It, or, Sick, Un well, Before, or, After, Meet up, or, Event.

- No Communication, as, to Why? You, didn't show up to an Event, or meet up, You may only be removed.

- So make sure you! Message, host's before or after, Event, or meet up, as to Why? No Show.

- Give us, Feed back, or Idea's, about, Meet Up, Suggest, a, Event, or, near by, Venue.

- Or, Local, Plus, Get Together's, and Host a Meet Up, Near By.

- Become, a Co-Organiser of this Group, or Assistant Organiser.

- Host, will, Message, what, their, wearing, before, Meet up, or, Event.

- Host, provide, a Very, Descriptive, Format, about Meet ups, and provide,

Formative, and necessary, information.

- Members, just, say, "Meet up, to, each other," so, we can find "each other."

~ Ring, Host, if, Feeling, complacent, or, let, know, Your coming, before, an

Event. ( In 1 hour time frame. )

- Also, text, each, other, to let, each, other, know, where you, will, be & what time's.

- Open to all, Members. Also, Global & Local, Members. Or, Near by, or, Surrounds.

- Open to Complaints, Handling, Response, Client & Guest Feed Back. Gives Outcomes,

For Future, Events, & Meet Up's.

- Members can be Banned, at Organiser's Own Approval or Does not Meet, Guidelines, or,

Rules & Reviews.

- Active Members, are Evolving, In-Active, Members, May be only removed, for in-activity.

- 'We want committed, Members to Join' 'Complacent Members that RSVP, Only Ring, or, text,

Host, within, 1 hour before or after, Event or meet up'

- All of these, Rules, Guidelines & Reviews Apply All, Set To All of the, Sister Groups.

- 'Ghost Members' In-Active Members, are removed, mostly, members, over 11 months and over, this, period.

"Dress, To, Impress" Or, 'Neat/Casual, Local, Get together's' Events & Meet up's. "Get Ready" Now ! "To Mix & Mingle"

At ! The Sexy Newcastle Singles !

All ! Our, "Events, Or, Meet Ups, are, "Free" & "Free Membership" And "Free Admin."

Meet Up, will Clarify, if 'Paid Event' Or, Meet up. You, will Be Notified, if Cancelled.

Some, Events, are, Out of Pocket Expense, Such as, Buy, own Foodie, or, Drink, or, Ticket.

Some Of Our, Events, Or, Meet Up's, Promote, "No, Large Crowds, Or, Hustle & Bustle."

NO,!!..."Noisy, Or, Loud, Environments," "A Formative Meet Up," For, "Easy Going, Members,

" But, Also, Promote, "Single, Setting, For, Friendship, Dating & Relationships."

We encourage, Open, & Participation, By, "Flirting, Pick Up Lines, Talking, Repeat,-Flirting, Open & Ended Conversations. Open, Eye Contact, Polite or, friendly, touching, Body Language, and Gestures" Because, We May Meet that, Frog, or, Handsome, Prince. Or, Meet, that Someone, You! Really Like! We encourage, Talking, About, Keen,-Interest & Hobbies. Travel & Journey's, A Hot Topic. Don't Try not to, Talk, Politics, Or, Religion. Make, it, Happen. "Kiss, Keep It, Short, Simple" We Encourage, Ladies & Gentlemen, Both, to Have a 'Good Time'

This Group is for 'Newly Singles' Is for Separated ! is for Newly ! Divorced ! is for Difficult Relationships !

This, Is, for of Course ! For Us, Now ! Singles ! This, Is, For 'New In Town' This, is, for, 'Just arrived In Town' This, Is for, 'Out n' About'

This, Group, is, for People, Whose are, or, Have kids ! People Whose Speak A Second Language ! People whose are, or, Like To Hang Out ! People whose like to 'Call It There Own' Or Have There Own Opinion ! Share a Story !

For, People, whose, or, have a 'Circle Of Friends' Or, People whose Want to Meet 'Plenty Of Fish' or,

People whose have, or, 'Want A Stepping Stone' To 'New Friends'

So get Involved ! Get Out There ! Get ACTIVE!..."Because You! Happen to be in the Right Place, At the

Right Time "

Formerly, Taken over, from, 'Sexy Sydney Singles' Now! 'The Sexy Newcastle Singles' & Owner, Of,

'The Newcastle Coffee House Group Meet Up In Newcastle,' Formerly, Called, 'Newcastle Coffee Group Meet Up.'

Was, Called, 'Gold Coast Coffee Meet Up' Plus, Proud, Owner Of 'The Instant Friends Plus Social Network In Newcastle' Formerly, Called, 'Instant Friends Plus' Was, Previously, 'Newcastle Mindfulness' By, 'B. Murphy'

With, 'Over, 3800, Social Network' of, Large Member Base, From, 'My Sister Groups' Including, Co-Groups, At,

'#Resist-Newcastle' with, This Group, with over, '1000, Collaborate Groups' and '100,000,Member Base'

Makes us, Cutting Edge, & Better, As a Combined, Group, So! Join! Inn ! On ! One of our, 'Combined, Groups' Today !

Warm ! Welcome ! See You ! At our ! Next Event ! Or Meet Up ! Near You ! Or, Get your Friends, together,

& Join !

! New ! Events & Meet ups ! At Random ! Places ! - Reminder - No Need To, Let Us, Know,

Your Marital Status' Because we, All Come from, Different Backgrounds, & Walks of Life !

Go, to Our, 'facebook page' @at http://www.facebook.com/SinglesGroupPlusNewcastle.net.au/about/

& find out more, about, us.

Or, Go, to Our,''Home Page' at @at https://www.facebook.com/unnofficialCaooceaniabluietrublue.com.au/

& find out, more, about, us.

Or,Go, to, Our, 'Art Gallery page', at @at https://www.facebook.com/CraigOwensArtGallery/about/

& find out, more, about, us.


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