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At this point the purpose of this group is to gain and grow members of fellow people who see the world for what it really is and the true root cause for all of the perilous issues we face. I saw Zeitgeist Moving Forward a year ago and in that finally found something that illustrated so masterfually everything I had always thought, the documentary was mind blowing and life changing. Thank you Netflix for adding this to your library for the public to see!

There seems to be no real forums to actually talk to other like minded people even online, which is frustrating. Most of us know the masses are not open minded enough to even realize why they have the beliefs they have. so really I can count on my hand the number of people I know who have agree with a resource based economy, I find it harder and harder to relate to the indoctrinated masses.

So it would be really nice to see if we can get some people to join, and who are up for chatting. And hopefully get to a point to where we can have some regular in person meetups.... And maybe attend next year's Z-Day.

Would love for you to join, and open to any and all suggestions.



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