What we're about

This group is for people interested in sharing and regenerative approach in Asia, starting from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. To developing the commons, cooperatives, peer to peer support projects, Sharing cities, gift economy, circular economy, solidarity economy and related topics.

We intend to gather change-makers of the community to promote sharing with mindful & regenerative approach. Bringing change makers together in co-creating shared resources and regenerative space within the community or in any neighbourhood [KL- Bangsar area, PJ-Subang area, TTDI area].

Find out more: Share & Regen (https://shareandregen.carrd.co/).

Started With 3 intentions:
1. Promote one's own wellbeing & loved ones' (We take good care of ourselves first, then we take care of others)
2. Promote sharing and regenerative system, running on shared interest (with balance of social, environment and financial capital within our community)
3. Collect case studies, tools & recipes to share online & offline.

We will have Offline Events:
1st Meet-up: Gift Circle
2nd Mini Share + Regen Fest
3rd Pop-Up Share + Regen Hubs

We will be-
1. Facilitating Gift Circle:
A gift circle is an open circle where people come to help each other, and share their needs and their services and help as a gift (for Personal/ Business/ Community matter).

14th May; 8:00pm - 10:00pm- Nu Sentral, KL

2. Co-hosting Share + Regen Mini Fest: 29th June
-> A gathering for a community of change makers (entrepreneurs and social innovators, non-profit and business leaders, grassroots activists, healers and public officials) to co-create, connect, learn and kickstart new projects and collaborations.

3. Setting 'Pop-Up Share & Regen Hub' in your neighbourhood or workspace: July - September 2019
-> With Gift Circle Board- needs & offers corner; Share Circle- Swap corner, Free Corner; Green Circle- Edible Garden, zero waste tools, waste management; & Human Connection Circle.

We are looking for a group of community to co-create in the neighbourhood:

[KL- Bangsar area, PJ-Subang area, TTDI area]

-> Social: Human Circle + Share Circle
-> Connection: Gift Circle + Skillshare
-> Sharing: Panel Discussion
-> Ecology: Edible Garden + Repair Cafe + Waste Mmgt
-> Passive: Exhibitions + Message Boards
-> Marketplace: Free & Swap Market

These learnings from offline events will turn to Online Sharing:
-> Into Courses on Skillshare
-> With Interviews on Youtube

Note that Change makers of anywhere of the world is welcome to be apart, lets connect, learn, share and contribute to co-create an interconnected world. =)

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KL Sharing Circle

The Gravy Factory

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