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Join us for more Romeo and Juliet!
JOIN US FOR A WONDERFUL TIME READING MORE SHAKESPEARE! As usual, no acting experience is necessary, and Shakespeare enthusiasts of all skill levels are welcome to join in! There is only one serious rule in this group: if you participate, you pledge to support and encourage others as we discover and enjoy Shakespeare together! There is no need to read the play prior to attending. If you're interested in getting familiar with the play before we meet, the experience is much more rewarding when we understand our characters' motivations. You can skim the cliff notes, watch a movie version or YouTube synopsis, even read through the play in advance if you feel studious! For a last minute copy of the lines, you can print from this website (just hit "Print/Save View" at the top). To print individual acts and scenes, just copy and paste the text into Word. ( See the About Us ( page for answers to ALL your burning questions, including: What should I bring? ( Where should I park? ( How do I find you? ( It's been raining all day! Are we still meeting on the beach? ( Emergency contact info? (

Ocean Sounds Condo

1770 S Ocean Blvd · Lauderdale by the Sea, FL

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What we're about

What is Shakespeare on the Beach?

Shakespeare on the Beach is a play-reading group! Our members are people who love Shakespeare or are curious about his plays, and want to enjoy and understand them better by reading them aloud together. What better place to experience these timeless works than on the beach -sitting in the sand under the sky, with a view of the infinite horizon and the sound of the ocean.

How does a play-reading group work? Once most of the group has arrived, we select parts, or assign them randomly. Each person will typically play one or more characters (depending on the play and number of attendees) and we simply read the lines! (I typically read any stage directions and announce the scenes.) Members are welcome to exchange assigned parts with one another (haggle amongst yourselves!), and I will sometimes shuffle rolls part way though a play in an attempt to give everyone a good speaking part (although the listening is often as much fun as the reading!). We just try to roll with the punches so that everyone has a good time.

ALL styles and levels of reading are accepted and encouraged-for the purposes of this group there is no right or wrong approach. Read in iambic pentameter or prose, get into character, or simply speak the lines. High or low, serious or silly, it's all fun and it's all welcome.

We sometimes pause for brief intermissions between acts, and sometimes also stop to examine a tricky passage or investigate an unusual word or phrase. Just raise a hand if you'd like us to stop and talk about something.

N.B. As this is theater and the composition of the group varies, we don't make a big deal about girls playing girls and boys playing boys. Just get out your best falsetto or bass and play along. ;)

Is it ok if I come late?

Yes. We can usually shuffle rolls and add in new readers quite easily, so you will still get a speaking part. I do ask that late comers exercise courtesy and try not interrupt the reading in progress. Just find a comfortable spot, make yourself at home, and follow along with us until the end of the next scene or act. UPDATE: While late comers are still welcome, I would like to ask members to please plan to arrive on time at 7pm. This consideration allows your fearless leader and others with tight weekday schedules ample time to socialize, read the play, and still get home at a reasonable hour. ;) Henceforth, we will start reading no later than 7:00, whether we have 3 people or 30!

What should I bring?

The only two thing you really need are a copy of the play and a reading light or flashlight. We read until 9pm. If you want to be extra prepared, however, here are a few additional suggestions:

Meeting On The Beach:

Comfortable clothes / a light jacket or sweatshirt in case the temperature drops.
A towel or a beach chair to sit on if you don't want to be in the sand. (Low-profile chairs are preferred as this keeps us all at roughly the same height, making it easier to hear everyone)
Any personal food or drink you would like. (Alcohol is prohibited on the beach, but I understand that well-behaved adults with discrete containers seldom encounter trouble. Do so at your own risk!)
Your camera -we welcome members to take pictures and add them to the meetup page!

$1 to contribute to the group's meetup dues.

Meeting at Our Indoor Location:

a light jacket or sweatshirt in case the temperature drops (we usually sit on the patio).
a reading light or flashlight
$1 to contribute to the group's meetup dues.
Your camera -we welcome members to take pictures and add them to the meetup page!

Where can I get a copy of the play?

Lots of options to choose from! Pick up a copy at Barnes and Noble, check it out from your local library (free!), order it through Amazon (in print or for Kindle, also very cost-effective), or print the lines from . I am sometimes able to bring an extra copy or two, and in an emergency our members are happy to share. A note about This bare bones version will enable you to follow along with us, but an annotated copy from the bookstore or library will really add a lot to your experience of Shakespeare (Elizabethan words defined, tricky passages explained, etc.) I highly recommend it!

How do I find you?

Our new meeting location Ocean Sounds Condominium: 1770 South Ocean Blvd, Pompano Beach 33062. Use google maps to find us. We meet in the lobby and head out to the sand for our reading. If the weather is uncertain or turns unfavorable, we read indoors, using the party room of the Condo.

Where should I park?

There is a guest parking lot directly across the street (A1A) from Ocean Sounds Condo. The gate instructions will be provided to those who RSVP. Or, you can call Lynne at 727-512-3226. Do not park in the resident parking spots on the beach side of A1A.

It's been raining all day! Are we still meeting on the beach?

Part of my commitment to this group is that we meet rain or shine, though the sand is obviously not always a viable meetup spot. When the weather is bad (or uncertain), we will meet in the lobby of the Ocean Sounds Condominium. If you can't find us, give me a call! (512) 968-4104

To better serve my members, I've started a phone contact list. If I change the meeting location, I'll send everyone on the list a text message. I will of course continue to update the website as well, so all bases will be covered.

If you'd like to be added, just send me an email with your name and cell phone number. If you don't have a phone that does texting or prefer not to add your number, please do make a point of checking the meetup board "the day of" for possible location updates as we head into hurricane season!

Emergency contact info?

There is no need to call if you're running late or discover you can't make it to a meeting, but if I can help in any way, you are welcome to give me a call at:

(512) 968-4104

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